1. Akerele Market
Occupying the long stretch of Akerele Road and based in some makeshift shops, you will fine this popular market for getting locally made fabrics.
Various patterns and designs of locally made materials are seen here, at affordable prices. Clothing made from the local adire material can be found and there are styles for both men and women.
Prices are very affordable (particularly if you bargain) and speial designs can be ordered and produced.
Address: Akerele Street Surulere Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Sat

2. Anjorin Market
Lagos is very popular for having multi-purpose markets in all parts of the state, making it a convenient city for shopping and bargains.
Anjorin is one of the better ones, with almost anything you may need on offer. With foodstuffs, arts and crafts, to fresh food and vegetables, books and games.
Goods bought here are much cheaper than in the shops, cheaper still if you haggle with the vender. The stalls are arranged in small, tightly packed formations giving it an exciting buzz, with most of the traders being able to communicate in English.
Address: Junction Akure & Kofo Abayomi Streets, Akintoye Apapa Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

3. Falomo Market
This street is definitely worth visiting. Specialising in the sale of locally made African fabric, particularly the local tye-dye called Adire, made into wonderful and traditional local designs.
Childrens clothes are also to be found here, made from local African fabric. A good place to get a good bargain, but don't forget to haggle for your wares.
Assorted, locally made jewellery and accessories comprise a part of the items on sale too.
Address: Raymond Njoku Road Ikoyi Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

4. Jankara Market
Located at the heart of Lagos Island, this market is reached by walking in through some winding streets. Noted for being area to obtain second-hand clothes, locally made fabrics, accessories, such as beads, and antiquities. Not a very attractive market externally but worth visiting to get some antique materials.
Apart from clothing, foodstuffs can also be found here, but these are mainly local African/Nigerian foodstuffs.
Goods are obtained through bargaining and you can be sure to get good prices depending on your haggling skill. It may be useful to get someone who understands both English and the local tongue to go with you, as most of the traders are natives who may be unlikely to understand English.
Address: Junction of Okoya Street & Idumagbo Avenue Lagos Island Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 9.30am-dusk Mon-Sat

5. Oke Arin Market
This market provides the widest range of kitchenware and dinnerware from a selection of ranges and at at affordable prices. It consists of a large number of booths, all located in the heart of Lagos Island.
The route to the market is generally very congested with lots of human and vehicle traffic. The geography of the market is not too easy to get through either, for a visitor, and you may require a guide to take you, as the numerous outlets can be very confusing.
Beautiful pots and pans of varying quality can be obtained and generally much cheaper than larger stores and shops.
Your bargaining skills are also very much in demand here as you are sure to get very good deals, the better you are able to haggle.
Address: Holloway Street Lagos Island Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat

6. Rattan and Cane Market
Cane furniture is a very popular type of furnishing in Nigerian homes and offices. The beauty of the finished product is usually quite astonishing.
The Cane market in the Maryland area of Lagos is a good place to visit and appreciate the wide range of products that can be made out of cane and rattan. This age long market has witnessed tremendous growth over the years.
Situated in an open air arrangement with the furniture laid out before you, it is the sort of place you can find some handy gift items and authentic souvenirs. You can also visit a rattan factory close by to see how it is all made.
The cane market has hosted lots of visitors both nationally and internationally and the prices are within an affordable range.
Address: Under the Bridge, Maryland Ikeja Lagos Lagos State Ikeja Local Government Area
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: None

7. Tejuosho Market
This is one of the major markets in Lagos. It has over a thousand stalls on the inside while the flea market is on the outside with another five hundred stalls.
The market stocks just about everything from food and clothes to electronics.
Located on the mainlad area of Lagos, it stands beside a train track where the flea market is. The stalls are leased for about 20,000 naira. The three storey building has toilet facilities, several restaurants and parking spaces for 60 cars with more parking space on the outside by the road. Cars are safe as the market has plenty of parking attendants collecting a fee and issuing receipts for parked cars.
Address: Tejuosho Street Surulere Lagos Lagos State
Opening hours: 7.30am-4pm Mon-Fri

8. Tejuoso Market
Being run by a group of traders from the north who specialise in the sale of locally made material. This centre is located on the ground floor of the building it's housed in, just immediately outside the market.
Several locally made items can be obtained and they include clothes, locally made bags, jewellery and other accessories. Bags, shoes and slippers made in the northern part of Nigeria can also be obtained from here.
Prices here are very reasonable, however, do not lose your bargaining skills.
Address: Ground floor Tejuoso market Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island Lagos Lagos State Lagos Island Local Government Area
Opening hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
Nearest train: Bus or taxi to yaba

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