1. Jade Market
The Jade Market, just west of Nathan Road on the junction of Kansu and Battery Streets, is where vendors sell various shades and qualities of jade, a greenish stone that has great spiritual value to the Chinese. Actually more a place for locals than for tourists, visitors may have to go in for a long bargaining session with the persistent vendors before arriving at a good deal for a high quality piece of jade. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of trinkets and souvenirs at much lower prices.
Address: Jordan Kansu Street Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am-3:30pm daily
Telephone: +852 2807 6543 (Hong Kong Tourist Association)
Neighbourhood: Kowloon
Nearest train: Yaumatei MTR

2. Ladies Market
Also known as "Women's Street" because it used to sell goods only for women, Tung Choi Street is similar to Temple Street Night Market, except that it starts its trading day at noon. In addition to the street stalls, which sell anything from furiously beeping alarm clocks and glittering copy-watches to unisex clothes and CDs, there are also lots of small shops that sell all sorts of other stuff. The market is generally quite crowded, and a bit of pushing is just as expected as haggling over prices.
Address: Tung Choi Street Mongkok Kowloon Knowloon
Opening hours: Noon-11pm daily
Neighbourhood: Kowloon
Nearest train: Mongkok MTR

3. Lascar Row (Cat Street)
Cat Street used to be famous for its arts and crafts. But, today, as many dealers have moved to the Cat Street Galleries (near Lok Ku Road) and, with the growth of new antique shops on Hollywood Road, Cat Street has become a flea market for junk collectors. Still, you can find fascinating collections of odds and ends, and bits and pieces, and all sorts of useful and useless treasures.
Address: Sheung Wan Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am-6pm (most stalls)
Neighbourhood: Western District
Nearest train: Sheung Wan MTR

4. Li Yuen Street East and West
Li Yuen Street East and West are two alleys, running parallel to each other between the Des Voeux Road and Queen's Road Central. These two narrow lanes are crowded with shops, street stalls and people. There is a lot to buy here: Hong Kong souvenirs, clothing, costume jewellery, handbags, hair and fashion accessories, watches, fabrics, shoes, and much more. Bargaining is expected, but even without a discount, most of the products here are pretty cheap.
Address: Central Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11.am-7pm daily
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR

5. Stanley
Home to Stanley Market—famous for the wide variety of relatively inexpensive goods such as Chinese souvenirs, rattan products, handicrafts and designer labels—Stanley offers more than just shopping. It also boasts a relaxing beach, a plethora of waterfront restaurants and bars, and the 18th century Tin Hau Temple. Stanley Prison, which is still in use today, is also historically important, as this is where Hong Kong civilians were held during the Second World War.
Address: Stanley Main Street Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: Market: 10am-6pm daily; other business hours vary
Telephone: +852 2807 6543 (Hong Kong Tourist Association)
Neighbourhood: Southern District
Nearest train: Buses 6, 6A, 6X from Exchange Square

6. Temple Street Night Market
Looking for cheap clothes, food, watches, footwear? Temple Street is the place to go to. Almost everyone will find a bargain at this night market. Temple Street runs all the way from Man Ming Lane to Ning Po Street and is divided in two by the Tin Hau Temple, the street's namesake. For some street-stall food, it is best to head north of the temple, where anything from a bowl of noodles to a full seafood meal can be found. The hawkers usually start setting up at 6pm and the street is busiest from 8pm-10pm.
Address: Temple Street Yaumatei Hong Kong
Opening hours: 6pm-midnight daily
Telephone: +852 2807 6543 (HK Tourism Board)
Neighbourhood: Kowloon
Nearest train: Yamatei MTR

7. Western Market
This 1906 building, with its red brick walls and large granite arch over the main entrance, certainly stands out from the surrounding office buildings. Originally a fresh produce market, the renovated and revitalised Western Market reopened in 1991 as a market place for stores selling traditional Chinese handicrafts and souvenirs. On the first floor there are also 16 fabric shops, selling anything from sombre suit fabrics to gaudy silks. The top floor houses a Chinese restaurant.
Address: New Market Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong
Opening hours: Shops: 10am-7pm daily. Restaurant: 11am-11pm daily
Neighbourhood: Western District
Nearest train: Sheung Wan MTR

Apliu Street Market from

Electrical goods flea market
This improvised flea market comes to life at weekends. Mainly selling really cheap second hand electrical goods, the street stalls and shops are heaven for electronic enthusiasts with anything from cables, transformers, tools and batteries, to specialist hardware and gadgets for building electronic circuits on offer. Watches, alarm clocks, pocket electronic games and CDs are also for sale. Nearby shops also sell a wide variety of mainly new electrical products and gadgets. The market makes for an interesting day out, being situated in one of the older parts of Kowloon with lovely traditional Chinese shops.
Address: Apliu Street Sham Shui Po Hong Kong
Opening hours: 12pm-7pm Sat & Sun
Neighbourhood: Kowloon
Nearest train: Sham Shui Po MTR

9. Fa Yuen Street
This market is very popular with the locals because of its bargain prices for trendy fashion items. The market stretches down the street and into the ground floor of adjacent buildings. Clothing is the main buy--for ladies, men and children--and copy designer clothing is a big pull. Handbags, travel bags, hair accessories and shoes are also big sellers. Payment at the stalls is in cash, but credit cards can be used in some of the adjacent shops. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are the busiest and very crowded, so browsing can be reduced to shuffling along between the stalls.
Address: Mongkok Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; 11.30am-7pm Sat & Sun
Neighbourhood: Kowloon
Nearest train: Prince Edward MTR

10. Jardines's Crescent
This market is conveniently located in bustling Causeway Bay and clothing is the main buy, but other items, such as handbags, hair accessories, cheap make up and jewellery popular with teenagers, are also on offer. The shops in adjacent buildings also sell clothing and shoes at attractive prices, and you can try on the clothes in most of these shops, which is a special treat at this type of Hong Kong market. Payment at the stalls is in cash, but credit cards can be used in some of the adjacent shops. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are the busiest times.
Address: Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11am-7pm Mon-Fri; 11:30am-9pm Sat-Sun
Neighbourhood: Causeway Bay
Nearest train: Causeway Bay MTR

11. Poor Man's Nightclub Market
This is a night market famous for its bargain priced clothing, electronic goods and designer copy goods. Fridays and Saturdays are busiest and it can be very crowded, although these days are considered to be the better times to visit because there are more stalls to browse. Casual clothing, leather goods, pens, watches, electronic goods, videos and CDs are all on sale, and prices are displayed in English making shopping easy. Be prepared to bargain though--and do check your purchases before paying!
Address: Macau Ferry Terminal Sheung Wan Hong Kong
Opening hours: 6pm-11pm daily
Neighbourhood: Western District
Nearest train: Sheung Wan MTR

12. Wanchai Market
The stalls lining the narrow streets in this area sell mainly inexpensive clothing and accessories. There are also shops in adjacent buildings that sell clothing, shoes and handbags. Popular buys are the locally made designer jeans and children's wear. The market is less crowded than those in Kowloon, making shopping easier and more relaxed, although Sunday afternoons are still busy. Prices are displayed in English making shopping easy and payment at the stalls and shops is in cash. The Wanchai MTR train station is close by, making this market easy to reach.
Address: Spring Garden Lane Wanchai Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; noon-7pm Sat & Sun
Neighbourhood: Wanchai
Nearest train: Wanchai MTR


1. Collectables
This tatty store is one of the few places in Hong Kong that stocks second-hand books, ancient CDs, and the odd gem, such as a priceless LP from the 50s. The books are conveniently divided into dog-eared novels, biographies of obscure motor racing drivers, New Age histrionics and sports annuals from the early 70s. A decent hard-back costs around HK$100 and an indecent paperback runs at about HK$50. The CDs are in good condition and if you take your time you will unearth something spectacular for about HK$60. Additional branches: 26 Hollywood Road, Central (telephone: 2559 9562).
Address: B/F, 31 Bonham Road Central Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11:30am-8:30pm daily
Telephone: +852 2549 7270
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR

2. Digiter Computer Solution
Like Jaguar cars, one is not supposed to call these computers 'used', so we will say they are 'pre-owned' laptops. But whatever you call them, Digiter has a few on display, and it is refreshing to find a legitimate, airy, tranquil shop that does not necessarily try to insist you need the latest and greatest model of computer for your needs. Of course they are pretty recent models anyway. They also sell fancy new Sony Viao's, so you may be tempted anyway, though these certainly are not cheap.
Address: Shop 1242-43, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11.30am-8pm daily
Telephone: +852 2915 7083
Neighbourhood: Causeway Bay
Nearest train: Causeway Bay MTR
Email: digiter@hk.linkage.net

3. Flow
This shop feels a little crowded and looks quite disorganized, but it is worth a visit. Good bargains can be found in an extensive selection of recent fiction paperbacks for HK$20-40, National Geographics for HK$15, and somewhat dated travel guides starting at around HK$30. Also worth a look are those oversized artsy design titles, as some sell for under HK$100 in this shop. Other books cover Hong Kong and Asia, history, psychology, cookery and health. This bookshop also buys books direct from customers, though for a fraction of the original price.
Address: 2/F, 40 Lyndhurst Terrace Central Hong Kong
Opening hours: 12.30pm-8pm Tues-Sat; 12.30pm-7pm Sun
Telephone: +852 2964 9852
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR

4. Low Price Shop
This dingy shop is crammed with bric-a-brac, but a good look round will reveal some truly interesting stuff, even if not antique. Old Hong Kong share certificates, Chinese newspapers, and photos featuring people and scenes of early 20th century Hong Kong and China, all crowd the shop entrance. There are also cheap tarnished silver bowls, plates and spoons, ceramics, and chopstick holders alongside all sorts of Mao decorated items. Inside it is a tight melange of old books in English and Chinese, crammed in next to wooden jewellery boxes, dusty posters of nude girls and 1950s radios.
Address: 47 Hollywood Road Central Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am-7pm
Telephone: +852 2544 4235
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR

5. Auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's
Although commercial by nature, the art auctions organised by the Hong Kong branches of Christie's and Sotheby's offer art lovers the chance to see priceless Chinese and Asian art treasures up close. These two world famous auction houses are located in Central where auctions take place twice a year, usually in the spring and autumn. Just make sure you do not flinch, twitch or wiggle at the wrong moment, or you could be the new owner of a priceless Van Gogh as well as the recipient of a phenomenal credit card bill!
Address: Sotheby's: 4 Des Voeux Road, Central Christie's: 2203-5 Alexandra House,16-20 Chater Road, Central Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: vary with event
Telephone: +852 2822 8100 (Sotheby's) +852 2521 5396 (Christie's)
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR
URL: http://www.sothebys.com

6. Banyan Tree
Established in Hong Kong 25 years ago, this is another local favourite, especially with the expatriate community. Chunky tables, chairs and cabinets made of hardwoods such as walnut are enhanced with wrought iron detailing, giving a rustic feel to the designs. Comfortable sofas and armchairs come in colourful practical fabrics, and the accessories include a myriad of cushions, candles, light fittings, curtains and lacquer-ware. Outdoor furniture in durable and treated hardwoods is also available, so start planning your barbecue now.
Address: 18/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +852 2555 0540
Neighbourhood: Southern District
Nearest train: Bus no. 671 via Causeway Bay

7. Great Shanghai
The window displays of this shop close by Western Market grab everyone's attention. On show are items such as a set of porcelain dishes featuring Her Majesty's crown, an antique Singer sewing machine, 60-70 year old wrist and pocket watches, and fountain pens. Inside the dark and dusty store there is more of days gone by, such as tortoise shell glasses and bracelets, old Pepsi signs, brass lamps, and old telephones and radios. Powder-compacts, tie clips and key chains, as well as cufflinks with images of James Dean, kangaroos, crowns and crabs make most unusual gifts.
Address: 159 Connaught Road Sheung Wan Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11am-7pm daily
Telephone: +852 2850 8158
Neighbourhood: Western District
Nearest train: Sheung Wan MTR

8. Honeychurch Antiques
The elaborately decorated and glittering China Trade silver tea sets are great collectors' items. These 18th to 20th century items, made by Chinese craftsmen for Westerners, are valued for their artistry and history. Alternatively, there is also a selection of distinctive Burmese, Tibetan and Indian silverware. Other attractions to be found in this cosy shop and warehouse include Tibetan and Xinjiang carpets, Chinese and Japanese furniture in original condition, Japanese scroll paintings and Qing Dynasty porcelain.
Address: 29 Hollywood Road Central Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +852 2543 2433
Neighbourhood: Central
Nearest train: Central MTR

9. Marco Polo
A sculpture to suit every collector best sums up the environment here. The choice ranges from Guanyin goddess statues to Tang Dynasty sancai prancing horses. The ultimate purchase would however have to be one of the large carved and inscribed stone steles. For smaller displays, there are Han Dynasty bronzes or celadon vases. Prices vary with rarity, size and time period, and certificates of authenticity are provided upon request.
Address: 81 Hollywood Road Sheung Wan Hong Kong Hong Kong
Opening hours: 9.30am-6.30pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +852 2517 8535
Neighbourhood: Western District
Nearest train: Sheung Wan MTR
URL: http://www.marcopolo-hk.com
Email: marcopolo_orient_antique@yahoo.com

10. Manks Limited
Manks is a unique establishment in Hong Kong, with a comprehensive collection of high quality European antiques, Scandinavian Design and decorative items from the 20th century. Manks is in a warehouse setting, just five minutes from Central Hong Kong. In Manks' friendly atmosphere, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while they leisurely browse through the one-of-a-kind collections that cover the Arts & Crafts period thru the 1970s. Manks is one of the best kept secrets in Hong Kong, known to discerning collectors.
Address: 28 Hoi Chak St. - Quarry Bay 28 Hoi Chak Street Hong Kong SAR China
Opening hours: Tue.-Sat. 1300 to 1900
Telephone: +852-25222115
Neighbourhood: Central
URL: http://www.manks.com
Email: info@manks.com

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