1. Talipapa Market
This is Boracay's main shopping street, with stall after stall selling goods ranging from food and daily necessities to clothing and curiosities. It is a fascinating riot of colors and cacophony of sounds, where you can pick up some good bargains if you have the knack for haggling. The stalls line both sides of the road, and there are more shops behind the front line of stalls. Shop owners are generally friendly and accommodating. Some accept credit cards but most accept cash only.
Address: Talipapa Area (Between Boracay Main Road and White Beach Path, Malay, Aklan) Boracay 5608
Opening hours: 6am-8pm daily.
Telephone: +63 36 288 3689
Nearest train: Boat station 3


1. Lonely Planet
A treasure trove of arts and crafts that are perfect for today's modern interiors, Lonely Planet features a collection of basketry, candelabra, sculptures, objets d'art, lamps and other lighting fixtures, antiques, reproductions of antiques and so forth, all very hard to resist when it comes to buying a gift to take back home. Lonely Planet, which incidentally bears no relation to the travel guide of the same name, has other branches in Manila, Subic, Davao, Tagaytay and Palawan. A real standout with its tasteful selection and affordable prices, it offers a very welcome alternative to the usual coconut and bamboo souvenirs. Highly recommended.
Address: White Beach Path, Balabag, Boracay Island D Mall, Malay, Aklan Boracay 5608
Opening hours: 10am-11pm daily.
Telephone: +63 36 288 6426
Nearest train: Boat station 2


1. Divisoria Market
Divisoria is big and chaotic, but it is unparalleled for goods and prices. Name it and chances are you will find it here. More than anything else, Divisoria is known for textiles. Prices are generally wholesale, and you can haggle to the last peso. However, if you are new to Manila, do not venture here on your own. Aside from the possibility of getting lost or finding the place too bewildering, you would not be able to strike as good a deal with stall owners. A local guide is a must.
Address: Claro M. Recto Avenue Divisoria Manila 1010
Opening hours: 6am-7pm daily.
Telephone: +63 2 523 8411 (DOT office)
Neighbourhood: City of Manila

2. Greenhills Shopping Center
Located in a wealthy neighborhood, Greenhills Shopping Center looks somewhat run-down but, ironically, it draws in more people now than it ever did in its heyday as an upmarket shopping arcade in the 1970s. Especially on weekends and holidays, thousands converge here to browse through what locals call tiangge--stalls peddling everything from footwear and video games to furniture and cell phone accessories. Sensitive folks are advised to stay away at Christmas time when the elbow-to-elbow crowds might induce an attack of claustrophobia or agoraphobia.
Address: Ortigas Avenue Greenhills, San Juan Manila 1502
Opening hours: 10am-8pm daily.
Neighbourhood: San Juan
Nearest train: Ortigas (MRT)


1. Chang Rong Gallery
This store is a good source for antiques and modern reproductions, including Chinese ceramics and Philippine primitive art. Two items stand out in the highly mixed selection of goods for sale: a series of original 1860 botanical prints, each priced at PHP4,000, and an authenticated 1635 map that, surprisingly, gives a near-exact rendition of the Philippines. For PHP120,000, you can have this rare map up on your wall.
Address: 744 Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna Street) Second floor, Silahis Center, Intramuros Manila 1009
Opening hours: 9am-7pm daily.
Telephone: +63 2 527 2114
Neighbourhood: City of Manila

2. Galeria Andrea
Galeria Andrea is rather small, but it carries quite an interesting selection of Ming and Qing porcelain pieces (imported from China or unearthed in local diggings), originals or copies of antique Philippine and Chinese furniture, fine reproductions of traditional native gold filigree jewelry, and Philippine tribal art, such as primitive wood carvings of granary gods. In case you are wondering, furniture and any items purchased here can be shipped by the store to virtually any country around the globe.
Address: Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna Street) Plaza San Luis, Intramuros Manila 1009
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily.
Telephone: +63 2 527 4087
Neighbourhood: City of Manila

3. Jo-Liza Antique Shop
The lady who owns this shop is a highly respected figure among Manila's antique lovers and collectors. In this shop, named after the lady's two daughters, you will find an astonishing collection of chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, paintings, screens, chandeliers, lamps, dinnerware and silverware, to name but a few of the wide variety of items on display. The sources are both local and foreign. Inquire from the shop about other outlets at SM Megamall, Glorietta and Alabang Town Center.
Address: 664 Jose Abad Santos Street Little Baguio, San Juan Manila 1500
Opening hours: 8am-7pm daily.
Telephone: +63 2 725 8303
Neighbourhood: San Juan
Email: jo-lizaph@yahoo.com

4. Masterpieces
You can find some very fine furniture and decorative pieces at this elegant home interior shop. From the tasteful ensemble in the display window (example: a beautifully buffed Chinese-style rosewood chair mixed and matched with a modern abstract painting), one can instantly tell this is an upscale shop where quality is a matter of course. Naturally, there is a downside to it. As to be expected, the prices are oriented toward the residents of the wealthy villages around. Visitors, however, need not despair--sales are held every now and then, bringing prices down to a more attainable level.
Address: 35 Wilson Street corner Washington Street West Greenhills, San Juan Manila 1503
Opening hours: 10am-7pm daily.
Telephone: +63 2 725 7381
Neighbourhood: San Juan



1. Book Sale
This gem of a bookstore stocks slightly used mystery, suspense, romance and general information books, and much more. Purchase Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steele, John Grisham and Judith McNaught for more than 50% off the cover price. But beyond slightly used books, simply late issues of magazines, as far back as two to three years and as recent as three months ago make their home here. Snag late issues of National Geographic and Readers Digest for up to 70% off their cover price.

Additional Branches: Aboitiz Supercat Terminal; Colon Street; Don Mariano Cui Street.
Address: North Reclamation Area Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu Cebu City Cebu 6000
Opening hours: 10am-8pm Mon-Thu; 10am-9pm Fri-Sun.
Telephone: +63 32 232 1631
Neighbourhood: 0

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