1. Vogelmarkt en Zaterdagmarkt
The Vogelmarkt or bird market is one of the most popular attractions of Antwerp. The market is held on Sunday morning and is situated on the Theaterplein that is the large square in front of the city theatre (Stadsschouwburg), extending to the Frankrijklei, one of the major avenues around the city. The main attraction is the variety of animals on sale: from cats and dogs to budgies and snakes. You'll also find clothes, knick-knacks and food and lots of tourists. If you're into good food, then the Zaterdagmarkt is a better deal: this is the market where local residents do a lot of their market shopping and it is on the same market square, but on Saturday mornings. You'll find typical Belgian merchants with vegetables and charcuterie (meat, salami, salads) and just as many Moroccan, Turkish, Italian and Greek stalls selling olives, peppers, nuts and other exotic delights—tasting is free. The fresh fish stalls offer some of the best deals in town. Prices get really low around 2pm when the merchants start clearing their stalls.
Address: Theaterplein Antwerp 2000
Opening hours: 9am-2pm Sat-Sun
Neighbourhood: Quartier latin
Nearest train: Tram: 2, 7, 8,


1. Naughty I
Groovy! Campy! Outrageous! All words to describe this eclectic second-hand clothing shop. Naughty is naughty. Here you'll find feather boas, platform shoes, bell-bottom pants and polyester shirts perfect for any Saturday Night Fever. For the ladies there are sequined tube-tops, long leather dusters, fake fur coats and really short hot pants in delicious day-glow colours. If you don't want to wake up from your 60's/70's daze, then this is where you can get your fix.
Address: Kammenstraat 65-67 Antwerp 2000
Opening hours: 11am-6.30pm Mon-Fri; 11am-7pm Sat
Telephone: +32 3 213 35 90
Neighbourhood: Quartier latin
Nearest train: Metro Groenplaats

2. Slegte (De)
De Slegte is the name of a chain of bookshops which you can find in several Belgian and Dutch cities. Walk down the Meir shopping street towards the Central Station and you'll find the store on the right. They specialise in selling books which are new but are generally old editions. Old editions are not a problem for many types of books and at De Slegte you'll get a good deal. De Slegte will also buy books from you if they think they can resell them. They have quite a library of second-hand books -- from novels to very old and valuable editions of major encyclopaedias.
Address: Meir 40 Antwerp 2000
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +32 3 233 29 14
Neighbourhood: The old city
Nearest train: Tram: 2, 15

3. Veilinghuis Bernaerts
What started in 1974 as a two-man antique business in the vicinity of Antwerp, has now become one of the most important Belgian auctioneers. Veilinghuis Bernaerts is specialised in organising auctions for authentic 19th and 20th century paintings. Other frequent auctions are focused on books and prints, jewellery and old wines. One of their recent auctions was called 'Cinema Tokyo' and the theme was photo, film and cinema. A variety of original films, posters, photographs from film sets and projectors were auctioned.
Address: Verlatstraat 18-22 Antwerp 2018
Opening hours: 10am-6pm daily
Telephone: +32 3 248 19 21
Neighbourhood: The South
Nearest train: Tram 8, Bus 6, 23, 34


1. Vlooienmarkt/Marché aux Puces
This daily flea market in the heart of the Marolles is well-known in Brussels for those who are seeking bargains and have patience. Everyday vendors awake early and bring their goods with the hopes of making some money. Haggling is allowed and encouraged, and as the day draws close to 1pm, it gets easier to buy something for the price you want to pay. You'll find everything here from photoframes to the desk to display them on. This market exemplifies the phrase, "One man's junk is another man's treasure." On Sundays antiques are also on display here.
Address: Vossenplein/Place Jeu de Balle Brussels 1000
Opening hours: 6am-2pm daily
Telephone: N/A
Neighbourhood: Bruxelles
Nearest train: Hallepoort/Porte de Hal: metro 2; premetro/tram 3, 55 & 90

2. Vogelmarkt/Marché aux oiseaux
Early in the morning you can hear them chirping, cackling and twittering. Yes, Grand Place has become a bird market! An enormous variety of birds go on sale here: big or small, colourless or quasi-fluorescent, song birds or noisemakers. Just name it, you're bound to find it here. Do not hesitate to ask the vendors for advice, they are real experts. If you are not looking for a bird, don't worry. The chirps and cackles and twitters give Grand Place a whole new dimension. Its great even just for a walk.
Address: Grote Markt/Grande Place Brussels 1000
Opening hours: 7am-2pm Sun
Neighbourhood: Bruxelles
Nearest train: Centraal Station/Gare Centrale: metro 1a & 1b; Beurse/Bourse: premetro/tram 52, 55, 56, 58, 90 & 91

3. Antiekmarkt Zavel/Marché des Antiquités et du Livre du Sablon
The antique market on Place du Sablon takes place every Saturday and Sunday under the tower of the Notre Dame du Sablon church. Everything that is antique can be found here: books, watches, glasses, candlesticks, clocks and many other items. Don't look around for antique furniture, however, because you won't find it on the market. On the Place du Sablon itself you will find a great deal of antique shops where they do have antique furniture. All of the shops are open on Sundays.
Address: Grote Zavelplein/Place du Grand Sablon Brussels 1000
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Sat; 10am-2pm Sun
Telephone: +32 2 219 47 36
Neighbourhood: Bruxelles
Nearest train: Grote Zavel/Grand Sablon: tram 48, 95 & 96; bus 34


1. De Slegte
Books, books and more books. At De Slegte you can do more with your money. People come here to sell books they do not need anymore so that others can buy them at a bargain price. They fall under many categories: cookery books, travel guides, novels, dictionaries and school books. You can even find English, Spanish, German and Italian literature; make the effort to look around and you will be rewarded. De Slegte is situated in the Lievevrouwbroersstraat not far from Manneken Pis.
Address: Lievevrouwbroersstraat 17 Rue des Grands Carmes Brussels 1000
Opening hours: 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +32 2 511 61 40
Neighbourhood: Bruxelles
Nearest train: Beurs/Bourse: premetro/tram 3, 52, 55, 56, 58, 90 & 91

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