1. Covered Markets
The largest of these - originally opened in 1897 - is in Fovam ter, on the Pest side, just by Szabadsdag (Liberty) bridge. The three-storey market re-opened in 1994 after extensive restoration work including a delightful roof made from Zsolnay ceramic tiles. Used extensively by locals, there are hundreds of stalls selling fruit and vegetables, groceries, meat and fish, cheeses and pretty much everything else. It is worth a visit, but bear in mind that Saturday morning is the busiest time of the week. Another equally well restored, though smaller market is in Hold utca in the fifth district, near Szabadsag ter and opposite the charming National Savings Bank building. Visit whichever is nearest to where you are for an authentic Hungarian shopping experience.
Address: Fovam ter District IX Budapest 1093
Neighbourhood: District IX
Nearest train: Kalvin ter

2. Lehel ter piac
This the cheapest fruit and vegetable market with the biggest number of ostermelok, or small-scale market gardeners. It sells produce that the average greengrocer's stall wouldn't bother with, such as rhubarb, fresh figs, black, white and red currants, new potatoes, fresh herbs, free-range chickens and eggs, gourmet mushrooms (which must be checked and issued with a permit before selling) and homemade ground paprika powder. There are also plenty of other stalls selling cheap clothing and shoes, flowers, baskets and kitchen utensils. If you're looking for traces of 'old Europe', this would be a good place to start.
Address: Lehel ter District XIII Budapest 1134
Neighbourhood: District XIII
Nearest train: M3 Lehel ter


1. Kozponti Antikvarium
This is a large store selling books in Hungarian, French, German and English as well as other European languages. It also sells prints and maps. The store organises auctions around town - check for posters in the window, or e-mail for more information.
Address: Muzeum korut, 13-15 District V Budapest 1053
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; 10am-1pm Sat
Telephone: +36 1 317 3514
Neighbourhood: District V
Nearest train: M2 Astoria/ Bus 7
Email: rarebooks@mail.matav.hu

2. Rhythm N' Books
Cast off your old paperbacks and pick up more secondhand ones at this bookshop and exchange. Secondhand CDs are also available here. There's bound to be something to tickle your fancy. Purchases can be made by two-for-one swap, cash or store credit.
Address: Szerb utca, 21-23 District V Budapest 1056
Opening hours: midday-7pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +36 1 266 9833 ext. 2226
Neighbourhood: District V
Nearest train: Kalvin ter; Tram 47, 49

3. BAV Antiques
This branch is smaller than most other BAV shops and therefore contains smaller items, although there are a few pieces of furniture. It specializes in china and porcelain, silver, jewelry and antique kitchen items such as painted plates, jugs, brass and copper bowls etc. It is not impossible to find complete dinner services of Herend or Zsolnay china in their original packaging - you could save a considerable amount of money buying mint-condition pieces rather than new ones.
Address: Andrassy ut, 27 District VI Budapest 1061
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-1pm Sat
Neighbourhood: District VI
Nearest train: M1 Opera

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