Libreria Athena
This is a decisively original bookshop. It doesn't just buy single books and old documents, but it also takes over whole libraries, so that it can offer all its clients who are passionate about antique books a complete archive.
Address: Via Marchese di Montrone, 86 Bari 70100
Opening hours: 5pm-8.30pm Mon; 9am-1pm, 5pm-8.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0805235359
Neighbourhood: Edge of Bari
Nearest train: Bus 21, Via Cairoli


1. Celò Celò Mamanca
The antique and modern market known as Celò Celò Mamanca is held every Thursday in Piazza San Martino and Via Valdonica except in July and August.
Address: Piazza San Martino Bologna 40126
Neighbourhood: Irnerio

2. Mercato di Antiquariato Città di Bologna
This is another Bologna antiques market which is held every second weekend except during July and August in the lovely Piazza Santo Stefano (famous for its Seven Churches).
Address: Piazza Santo stefano Bologna 40125
Neighbourhood: Santo Stefano


1. Quo Vadis
Clothing emporium for men and women: this outlet is not far from the racetrack, offering a wide range of sports and more elegant clothing. In this little shop you can buy garments for all occasions, at very good prices. Simple, current style for lovers of second hand clothing and for those who wish to save money without compromising on the quality, of these carefully selected items.
Address: Via di Corticella, 26 Bologna 40128
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 051359423
Neighbourhood: Corticella

2. Antichità Due Torri
Close to the two Towers, Antichità Due Torri has existed below the gallery that lines the Corte Isolani portico since 1975. The shop specialises in 19th century English porcelain, ceramics, glassware and accessories of good quality.
Address: Strada Maggiore, 17 Bologna 40125
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3pm-7pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +39 051236448
Neighbourhood: Santo Stefano

3. Arte cinese
This gallery is dedicated to oriental art, and offers a wide range of imported paintings and furnishings, including porcelain, small household accessories, silver jewellery, and satin clothing. There are lots of antiques, including some fascinating 19th century Indian seats. The prices vary quite a lot depending on what you want to buy, the quality of the materials used, and especially, the date of the object. It is the perfect place for lovers of the orient who crowd into this shop everyday.
Address: Via Indipendenza, 70 Bologna 40121
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; 9.30am-1pm Thu.
Telephone: +39 051247055
Neighbourhood: Irnerio

4. Mercatino del Libro della "Bolognina"
Since 1974 the Mercatino del Libro della "Bolognina" has been visited by collectors and book lovers, who come here to buy and sell rare books. It stocks lots of science-fiction books, as well as novels and essays on Bologna, dictionaries, and atlases. It also offers a wide range of collectors' comics, postcards, picture cards, vinyl records, and autographs.
Address: Via Zampieri, 3 Bologna 40129
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +39 051372157
Neighbourhood: Bolognina


1. Mercatino dell'Antiquariato (Bussolengo)
On the first Saturday of the month, in the main square of Bussolengo, a few kilometres from Verona, this distinctive market is held. It is packed all year round and there are about 40 stalls. Curiosities, antique prints and various ornaments are just some of the things displayed on the large stalls. Visitors can spend a whole day here, analysing and valuing the goods on offer.
Address: Piazza XXV aprile Bussolengo (VR) 37012
Opening hours: 9am-5pm.
Telephone: +39 0456769939
Neighbourhood: province

2. Mercatino dell'Antiquariato (Povegliano)
This antiques and collectors market takes place the first Sunday of every month at Povegliano, a village a few kilometres from Verona. A varied and colourful market, this is the place to get a real find, inside the beautiful Villa Balladoro where there are still remains from the Lombard era. Around 50 people display their exhibits here, including watches, antique prints, telephones, copper items, costume jewellery and much more.
Address: Villa Balladoro Povegliano (VR) 37064
Opening hours: 8am-6pm.
Telephone: +39 0457971163

3. Mercatino dell'antiquariato (San Zeno)
This antiques market takes place every third Saturday of the month in the centre of Verona, in the beautiful Piazza San Zeno. It is always packed because of the rich variety of objects on offer. There are about 50 exhibitors offering various ornaments, antiques, old books, bric a brac, old cameras and curiosities. There is also almost always a stall selling Chinese antiques, old prints and decorations.
Address: Piazza San Zeno Verona 37138
Opening hours: 8am-7pm.
Telephone: +39 0458078575
Neighbourhood: San Zeno

4. Mercatino della Fabbrica
A few kilometres outside Verona, is this distinctive factory market which takes place the last Sunday of every month at Cerea. It is called a factory market as it takes place inside the old Perfosfati factory and it sells many items, curiosities, bric a brac, old books, second hand clothes, antique frames, ceramics, furniture, prints and much more. Visitors will certainly not be disappointed by the varied goods on offer by more than 250 exhibitors.
Address: Ex Fabbrica Perfosfati Cerea (VR) 37053
Opening hours: 9am-6pm.
Telephone: +39 0456070700

5. Mercatino di San Zeno
It could be said that the time of finding real finds on market stalls has long gone. Nonetheless, there is still the thrill of rummaging amongst the stalls finding something you like, and bargaining on the price. The place to do this is the monthly market in Piazza San Zeno, where great bric a brac can always be found.
Address: Piazza San Zeno, 1 Verona 37123
Opening hours: 9am-6pm every third Sat of the month.
Neighbourhood: San Zeno

6. Mercatino di Valeggio
This 'Market for hobbies and antiques' is held the fourth Sunday of every month in Piazza San Carlo. This flea market is also a great opportunity to see the spirit of the city. It is also possible that you will discover something to your taste amongst the stalls here, or perhaps a souvenir of your trip that evokes the atmosphere of Verona with its towers that mirror the water of the Mincio.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 1 Valeggio sul Mincio 37067
Opening hours: 9am-6pm every fourth Sun of the month.


1. Il Mercante d'Oriente
Tiziano Meglioranzi has taken over the historic home of the 'Oriental Market' and has almost transformed it into a museum. With one fundamental difference; any object that takes your fancy can be bought and taken home. The word Orient here has a wide reach; ranging from China and Japan to South America. There are many carpets and tapestries as well as authentic ornaments, precious Japanese and Chinese furniture and archeological remains from China and Columbia.
Address: Corso Santa Anastasia, 34 Verona 37121
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0458005050
Nearest train: bus: 72

2. Old Time
This shop specialises in period watches, and therefore is not the place to come to if you want a hi-tech watch with a thousand uses. At Old Time, watches still tick in an elegant way, naturally, as makes such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Costantin and more are sold here. This is therefore a popular place with those who love antique watches and pocket watches.
Address: Via Pellicciai, 5/c Verona 37121
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0458008183
Neighbourhood: Ancient town
Nearest train: bus: 72

3. Abiti d'altri tempi
Next to the spectacular, scaligere arches, in the middle of the historic centre, this small, second hand shop offers some delicious surprises. It is well worth a stop, but make sure you have plenty of time to rummage among the clothes on display, divided into coats, waistcoats, many leather goods of all kinds and colours, casualwear, and, most interesting of all, eveningwear, which ranges from elegant sheaths and oriental style dresses to sumptuous frocks in tulle and satin, that come directly from debutantes and American, high school proms. These are good quality clothes and the shop sometimes offers single pieces of haute couture from the seventies and sixties, whose styles are still being reproduced by modern designers.
Address: Via S. Maria in Chiavica, 3A Verona 37121
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sat.
Neighbourhood: Ancient town
Nearest train: bus navetta centro 



1. Il Libraio
If you are in the centre, you should pay a visit some time to "Il Libraio". Here you will find prints, picture frames, documents, books and volumes about the history of the province.
Address: Via Fogazzaro, 228 Vicenza 36100
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0444545247
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: bus 1-2-4-5-7

2. Iran House
Vicenza has its own corner of Iran, with Persian (and oriental) carpets and gift items. Services offered are repair, cleaning and storage of carpets.
The shop is also a centre for Middle Eastern culture, giving exhibitions of art and crafts, and organising cultural visits to Iran.
You may also be able to organise trading relations and investments in Iran from here.
Address: Via Fermi, 92 Vicenza 36100
Opening hours: 4pm-7.30pm Mon; 8.30am-1pm, 4pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0444565915
Neighbourhood: North -West

3. La Gazzaladra
This huge assortment of 19th century English objects is found in the northern section of the centre of the city. There are porcelain articles, Sheffield silver (plated) and collector's items.
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 8 Vicenza 36100
Opening hours: 8.30am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Tue-Sun
Telephone: +39 0444327771
Neighbourhood: Downtown

4. Sottosopra
If you want to furnish your house exotically, here you will find goods from Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia and Thailand.
For example, Mexican pottery, cedar wood alcoves and other items of furniture will interest even the most distracted passerby.
Address: Corso S.S. Felice e Fortunato, 113 Vicenza 36100
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0444235080
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: bus 1-3-5-7-15-16

5. Dna Groove
This shop sells clothing, shoes and accessories from the 1960's and 70's, including secondhand.

For example, bell-bottoms, hip huggers, Hawaiian shirts and "Fonzie" style leather jackets. The best from an unforgettable era (if you're that old).
Address: Contrà S.Lucia, 138 Vicenza 36100
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sun
Telephone: +39 0444514704
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: bus 1-12-14
Email: dnagroove@yahoo.com 



1. Almanacco
This shop sells second hand clothes but also discontinued lines such as goods still in their packaging and shoes which haven't been worn. Seventies revival items in this multicoloured area patterned shirts and dresses in Pucci style, flared trousers, bags, glasses and scarves. You'll also find classic pieces, (often tailor-made) and also less traditional pieces (but just as wearable). There's also a wide choice of menswear from sailor's jackets to pinstripe suits, from three-quarter length, Michael Caine style overcoats. You can create an elegant and original wardrobe that isn't necessarily over the top.
Address: Via Macelli di Soziglia, 41r Genoa 16124
Opening hours: 10.30am-1pm, 4pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 010265605

2. Betty Page
This shop sells second hand glamour items. Dyed, covered in sequins, silk petticoats, ostrich feathers, lace bodices and high heels. The shop is painted an intense pink and is decorated in a bodour style. It is an enjoyable place to be and you can spend as long as you want trying on clothes in peace and quiet. There are 60's overcoats for the winter, 50's bathing costumes for the summer and a good range of dresses, suits, mini-skirts, trousers and blouses for a retro look.
Address: Via Ravecca, 51r Genoa 16123
Opening hours: 10am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 010261023

3. Fox Trot
Entering the shop you cross the threshold into another age. Here style and quality come before quantity. They sell original costume jewellery from the 60's as well as fine jewellery, brooches and cameos from the nineteenth century. They have hand-embroidered lace garments and petticoats, hairpieces and suitcases which have travelled the world. There are signed head scarves, coats and long satin gloves. Each and every object has intrinsic style.
Address: Via Luccoli, 94r Genoa 16123
Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0102474078

4. Casa Antiquaria
This antiques shop is specialised in 19th century furniture, particularly from France. It sells ornaments, prints, applique's, dinner services, mirrors and both French and English lamps. There is a large area dedicated to ethnic antiques, many of which are from Morocco. There are lamps, small tables and tableware. The shop is large with an enormous range of goods and has friendly attentive management. Why not stop by and take a look?
Address: via XXV Aprile, 21R Genoa 16123
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon 10am-12.30pm 3.30-7.30pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +30 010592335

5. Libreria di Piazza delle Erbe
Bookshop selling old and rare books. The shop makes purchases, expert reports and valuations of private collections. It's exactly how you'd expect a used bookshop to be. It faces on to the Piazza delle Erbe in the lively and timeworn city centre. The shops' exterior is easily recognisable because the dark wood shop windows are rare in the city centre. Once you have gone in, you'll find yourself in a dusty fascinating world of old scripts. You can look at the books yourself or ask the book shop owner to give you some advice: he is only to happy to help.
Address: Piazza delle Erbe, 25r Genoa 16123
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0102475347


Il Mercato del Bastione
Every Sunday morning, the terrace of the Bastione is filled with people, everyone in search of the unfindable, from old newspapers to antique oil lamps.
Peering at the bric-a-brac you will always see well-dressed experts who will recognise valuable rarities amongst the dusty old objects that youngsters try to sell off for a few pounds.
Admission: Free.
Address: Bastione di Saint Remy Cagliari
Neighbourhood: 0


1. De Martini Antiquariato
The company De Martini Giuseppe & C. offers antique furniture and objects such as Italian and European tables, and antique porcelain decorated with gold.
Although the company has several outlets around the city, the most characteristic is undoubtedly the shop in Via Lamarmora in the old Castello district which is well-suited to its medieval surroundings.
The company will customize your purchases with engravings and paintings by the great artists of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Address: Via Einauidi, 14 Via Paoli, 69 Cagliari 09127
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 5pm-8pm Tue-Sat; 5pm-8pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 070669499
Neighbourhood: Villanova

2. Il Collezionista
Il Collezionista belonging to dott. Barbieri is an antique shop that sells furniture, clocks, radios from the 1930's, bracelets, rings and brooches in gold and silver, picture frames, various items of furnishing and collections from the first republic.
It is also one of the most well-stocked shops for coin and stamp collectors and remains abreast of the requirements of its customers. It offers an ordering service for any item.
It displays lovely prints and books that commemorate Sardinia, and in particular Cagliari, from the beginning of the 20th century.
Address: Via Sant'Alenixedda, 121 Cagliari 09128
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 5pm-8pm Mon-Fri.
Telephone: +39 070403073
Neighbourhood: San Benedetto


1. Fiera di Sinigallia
Do you know a treasure when you see one? Then this diamond-in-the-rough event is just for you. Some of the items up for grabs at this long-established Milanese flea market include second-hand clothes, military gear, costume jewellery and other curiosities. Give unused or damaged household items a new lease of life by scouting around here for spare parts. It takes place all day every Saturday along the Darsena and you're sure to find something of interest. Free admission.
Address: Darsena di viale D'Annunzio Milan 20144
Opening hours: Varies; call for details
Telephone: No phone available
Neighbourhood: Navigli-Porta Ticinese

2. Mercato di Abbiategrasso
This market sells small objects and second-hand furniture. Some good bargains can be found here, especially in the morning when the craftsmen, still sleepy and smelling of coffee, set up their stalls with the latest item that will complete the collection of the month. It is worth getting up early and helping with the preparations not simply to look around undisturbed, albeit with your torch at hand, but also to experience market life first hand and in so doing, bringing the market itself to life.
Address: Piazza Mercato Abbiategrasso Milano 20081
Opening hours: 8am-7pm second Sunday of every month
Telephone: +39 029460659
Neighbourhood: South-west

3. Mercato di via Lorenzini
This is not your usual Lombardy market; it is more like an open-air bazaar, selling curiosities and strange objects - the uses for which you will have to have explained to you - as well as period costumes, second-hand clothes, plaster frames, old and restored furniture and books. Great for a Sunday morning to go in search of an old fashioned bargain in the decadent streets of Milan!
Address: Via Lorenzini Milan
Opening hours: 9am-1pm Sun
Neighbourhood: Porta Romana

4. Mercatone dell'Antiquariato del Naviglio Grande
On the last Sunday of every month, the region's biggest antiques market fills the banks of the Naviglio Grande. Over 400 stallholders—most of whom are regulars—specializing in anything from furniture, watches, porcelain and silver to books, toys and period clothes, have been coming here since the market first began in 1982. Finding your way around is easy as stalls are numbered (even numbers along the Azaia Naviglio Grande and odd numbers along the Ripa di Porta Ticinese). Come and pick up a bargain! Free admission.
Address: Alzaia naviglio Grande Milan 20144
Opening hours: 8:30am-6:30pm last Sun each month
Telephone: +39 0289409971
Neighbourhood: Navigli-Porta Ticinese

5. Oh bei, oh bei! Fiera di Sant'Ambrogio
Get into the festive spirit and join locals who come here to buy their Christmas presents at this traditional market named after Milan's patron saint. The market takes place during the annual week-long celebrations in his honour, not far from Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio. Hand-crafted goods of all kinds are available and most people usually find something they like. Friendly family atmosphere.
Address: Piazza Sant'Ambrogio Milan
Opening hours: 9am-7pm
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: MM2 Sant'Ambrogio

6. Mercato d'Antiquariato di Brera
Sixty exhibitors sell their wares in this small but elegant street in the Brera district. Small antique dealers and second-hand dealers sell watches, antiques, jewellery, steel goods, ceramics and old glass. Table services including old cake stands from 1850 to soup tureens, cruet sets and porcelain can be found here.
Address: Via Fiori Chiari Milan 20121
Opening hours: 8.30am-6pm third Sun of each month
Telephone: +39 02794593
Neighbourhood: Brera


1. Double Barrel
This is a special music shop, not only because it is located under the most famous tattoo studio in the city (Mino Spadacini) but also because of its unique atmosphere. They sell and exchange imported English records, mostly from the 1960's and 70's. There is new and second hand vinyl, and collectors items for true fans. They also offer cd's, tapes and specialist magazines and they hold musical evenings a few times a month. Totally dedicated to music.
Address: Via Savona angolo via Coni Zugna Milan 20100
Opening hours: 10am-1pm; 3.30pm-7pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +39 0258104233
Neighbourhood: Downtown

2. Il Discomane
Discomane is a historic Milan shop and was the first to offer second hand records and CDs in the city and the whole of Italy. The owners buy all your CDs for cash. Here you can find all your favourite artists from classic to rap, without exception. There is a wide range to choose from with new stock constantly arriving, both in CD and vinyl formats, of which it is one of the city's specialists. You can also find good scores or music books. This is an indispensible shop for the music fan in a privileged location on the Grand Canal. NB: this is one of the few shops to open on Sundays.
Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 38 Milan
Telephone: +39 0289406291
Neighbourhood: Navigli-Porta Ticinese
URL: www.paginegialle.it/discomane

3. Cavalli e Nastri
The owner is an expert, passionate researcher in the field of the most elegant clothing and bijoux from the 1920s and 60s. Entering this shop is a little like moving back in time to the fashions of the past, not just Italian but also American, English and French. Feature of interest: the bijoux here are so high quality and such original forms that they are popular not just with the ladies of Milan, but also with perfectionist stylists.
Address: Via De Amicis, 9 Milan 20123
Opening hours: 3:30pm-7:30pm Mon; 9:30am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-7:30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0289409452
Neighbourhood: Downtown

4. Mulino Docks Dora
Recently opened, this shop bears no resemblance to a mill. A wisteria covered staircase leads out to a really large space where a bit of everything can be found, from womens clothes to Hawaian shirts. This is the place to find those lovable bell bottomed jeans and pairs with pockets sewed on the front.
Address: Via Toffetti, 9 Milan 20139
Opening hours: 2.30pm-7.30pm Sun- Mon; 10.30am-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0256810393
Neighbourhood: Porta Vittoria

5. Antica Fonte
In Via San Damiano, behind Piazza San Babila, between Corso Venezia and Corso Monforte, this shop is in the tourist and business centre of Milan. It is located amongst beautiful period buildings and is an elegant place that specialises in antique furniture. Francesco Piva, the lively owner of this shop, is always happy to show clients his special pieces from the first half of the 19th century and to relate the history of his Louis XVI pieces.
Address: Via San Damiano, 5 Milan 20122
Opening hours: 2pm-7pm Mon; 10am-1.30pm 2pm-7pm Tue-Fri; 10am-1.30pm 2pm-6pm Sat
Telephone: +39 0276000236
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: MM1 SanBabila

6. Bazar del Naviglio Grande
Signor Franzini is not just a collector of old objects but an expert on toys and pastimes from the past. In Ripa di Porta Ticinese, he runs a shop where you will find goods of completely different types: tables, chairs, chests of drawers, dumb waiters, but most of all, pre-WW2 toys such as dolls, pinball tables, teddy bears, puppets, board games, Milanese dolls from the '40's and 50's, rocking horses and superb puppet theatres that would make any modern child wild with happiness. These are collector's items and they make lovely presents for those who love old articles.
Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 27 Milan 20100
Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm, 3pm-7pm Tue-Sat.
Telephone: +39 028322103
Neighbourhood: Navigli-Porta Ticinese

7. Crazy Art
For an original clientele with a retro taste or anyone who is on the look out for something slightly out of the norm, a bit crazy or just from bygone times. This shop sells old-fashioned cookers which are reminiscent of past times as well as tables, sideboards, dishes and old aluminium saucepans as well as radios, microphones, barber chairs, rubber plants, cups and coffee machines.
Address: Via Lambrate, 14 Milan 20131
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 2.30pm-7pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +39 022847003
Neighbourhood: Stazione Centrale

8. Enrico Cortona Antiquariato
This gallery has paintings depicting festive occasions and historic events, religious subjects and portraits of nobles and priests. These are some of the subjects that were popular in 16th to 18th-century painting. It sells prints, antique drawings and paintings, dating from the 16th to 18th centuries. The owner is an international collector, and he sells important pieces, even to museums.
Address: Corso Monforte, 38 Milan 20122
Opening hours: 10am-1pm & 3pm-7pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 02784617
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: MM1 San Babila.

9. Mostra Mercato Vecchi Libri in Piazza
You'll find this book market right under the porticoes of Piazza Diaz. All types of books, to read or collect, especially antique ones, hard to find or forgotten editions are to be found here. They also sell curiosities and old bookplates. Recommended for all bookworms and for those who like to see history handed down by poets.
Address: Piazza Diaz Milan 20123
Opening hours: 10am-6pm second Sunday of the month
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: MM1, MM3 Duomo

10. A.N.G.E.L.O
Angelo Cairoli collects second-hand clothing. He buys it from all over the world and lends it to popstars for their videos. He has the best collection of jeans in Europe and in Lugo di Romagna he has his personal museum of fashion which is often visited by Armani and Miuccia Prada.
Address: Galleria Passerella, 2 Milan 20121
Opening hours: 3pm-7.30pm Mon; 10am-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0276006051
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: MM1 San Babila
URL: http://www.angelo.it


Mercatino Antignano
Open air food and clothing market. There is a large number stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, and also clothing, that are open every working day of the year, attracting a large clientele due to the quality of the fresh products and the reasonable prices.
Address: Piazza Antignano Naples 80127
Opening hours: 8.30am-1.30pm Mon-Sat.
Nearest train: Piazza Medaglie D' Oro


1. Antichità
This antique shop specialises in the buying and selling of antique furnishings, silverware, antique and modern paintings, objets d'art and antique gramaphones. Business is done with private individuals - at the maximum value, with cash payments.
Address: Via Foria, 292 Naples 80139
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 081291383 +39 081299207
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour

2. De Filippo R.
This antiques gallery is situated in one of the most exclusive districts in the city, near the elegant Via dei Mille. It offers magnificent paintings, knick-knacks, and antique objets d'art in a well-established, highly professional setting. The prices are reasonable.
Address: Via Domenico Morelli, 20 Naples 80121
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0817643474
Nearest train: Piazza Amedeo

3. Errico di M & C
This shop specialises in antiques. It is located near the very elegant Via dei Mille. It offers a wide range of artistic, antique furniture, lamps, oriental carpets and general antiques. They also carry out restorations on antique furniture.
Address: Via Carducci, 10 Naples 80121
Opening hours: 10am-1:30pm, 4pm-7:30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 081414524
Nearest train: Piazza Amedeo

4. Gargiulo Giuseppe
This famous antiques shop has a lot of experience and sells sophisticated antiques, many of which are directly imported from France as well as period furniture, objets d'art, furniture covers, art and antique, Neapolitan shepherds, all at interesting prices.
Address: Via Imbriani, 33 Naples 80136
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm; 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0817643474
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour

5. Guarracino Ciro
This antique shop is situated in an area with a high concentration of workshops and other similar shops. It sells valuable antique furnishings, living room suites, furniture, knick-knacks, paintings and silverware. Buying and selling takes place with private individuals - for the maximum value and with payments in cash.
Address: Piazza Carlo III, 28/29 Naples 80141
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0815992000
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour

6. L'Archetto
This is an extremely refined shop selling high quality antiques. It is situated a stone's throw from the Via dei Mille, in an area with a high concentration of artists workshops and antique shops. You will find a variety of valuable and carefully selected authentic pieces - ideal for a knowledgable and discerning clientele.
Address: Vico II Alabardieri, 8 Naples 80121
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 081402647
Nearest train: Piazza Amedeo

7. La Bottega dell'Arte Antica
Antiques shop with an interesting range of furniture, ceramics, paintings and silver. In its laboratory in Via Illuminato it has a team of expert craftsmen of the ancient Neapolitan school who carry out accurate restorations of antique furniture.
Address: Via Arcoleo, 25/27 Via IIluminato, 11 Naples 80121
Opening hours: 9:30am-1:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm Mon-Sat.
Telephone: +39 0817643170
Nearest train: Piazza Amedeo

8. Parco Villa Communale Antiques Market
Lose yourself among the treasures of the past. Every third Sunday of the month the Parco Villa Communale is filled with more than one hundred antique dealers setting up shop. Browse lamps and silverware, books and jewellery. Europe is famous for its outdoor markets and Italy is well known for old treasures. The Parco Villa Communale is the has a long tradition of hosting the market, where you'll rub elbows with Italian natives, not only other tourists. Free admission.
Address: Via Caracciolo 1 (Parco Villa Communale) Naples 80121
Opening hours: 10am-4pm
Telephone: No phone available

9. Rea Maria
This junk shop is situated in the heart of the historical city centre. You will find a variety of second-hand items - some fairly modern, others antique: ceramics, fountains, paintings, furniture, watches etc. Plenty to rouse the curiosity and stir up the imagination of enthusiasts and collectors alike.
Address: Piazzetta Nilo, 18 Naples 80134
Opening hours: 9am-8pm Mon-Sun.
Telephone: +39 0815520630
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour

10. Selezione del Design
This antique shop is situated in the heart of the historic city centre, and consists of over 100m2 of display space, spread out over two floors. There is an elegant and carefully-selected range of well-crafted antique furnishings at reasonable prices. At the branch on Via Acquaviva, 49 (which takes up 600m2), you can have furniture designed and made to measure.
Address: Via Benedetto Croce, 16 Naples 80134
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 3pm-7.30pm Mon-Fri; 9.30am-1.30pm Sat.
Telephone: +39 0815517125
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour

11. La Musique
This shop specialises in the buying and selling of music and videos of all types, both new and secondhand. It is situated in the heart of the historic city centre and is laid out on two floors. You can choose from a wide range of CDs, MCs, LPs, DVDs, and music videos featuring dance mixes, world music, hip hop, punk, fusion, jazz, classical music, Italian music, and heavy metal. You can also sell any of the above at very good prices.
Address: Via Benedetto Croce, 5 Naples 80134
Opening hours: 10am-2pm 3pm-7.30pm Mon-Fri; 10am-1.45pm 4pm-7.30pm Sat.
Telephone: +39 0815516940
Nearest train: Piazza Cavour
Email: musique@tin.it


Prato della Valle
Since 1077,the Prato della Valle was the traditional location of the bi-monthly animal market as well as two large fairs in honour of the patron Saints Giustina and Prosodocimo. Today it is home to a more regular, contemporary market with a variety of goods on display.
Over 250 stallholders gather around the Isola Memmia every Saturday with their colourful stalls and there are thousands of shoppers congregate at the bigger stalls, creating a real atmosphere.
Clothing and shoes are excellent value for money but there are also stalls for leather goods, jewellery and games. For the home there are pots and cutlery, furniture and wickerwork chairs, straw items, different sized baskets and carpets.
The large 'green' section should not be missed with this flowers and plants, concentrated on the southern side of the piazza that overlooks the Foro Boario.
Address: Prato della Valle Padova 35100
Opening hours: 7.30am-7.30pm
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: Bus n. 3, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 22, 41 Prato della Valle


1. Il Gramercante
Hidden in a tiny piazza, but well signposted, on the Valsugana road that runs between Padua and Vicenza is this second hand furniture emporium. Over one thousand metres square of showroom, divided into separate sections. There is an area for the lounge, the kitchen, beds and so on. There is also a good selection of sofas, even leather ones.
All the items are in good condition; it is not so much low prices, but quality items that you will find here.
There is also a large section for pictures and prints. There are some excellent items to be had here at ridiculously low prices.
Address: Via della Provvidenza, 6 Sarmeola di Rubano Padova 35030
Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0498977744
Neighbourhood: Edge of Padova
Nearest train: Bus n. 10 Via della Provvidenza

2. Lo Stanzone
A little hidden, right at the beginning of the Ghetto is this over the top shop. It consists of just one room with salmon coloured walls, overflowing with antique objects and furniture joined together by a single undefineable common thread: the elegant style of the owners who sell them on.
The idea is quite simple: items are on show for 2 months at a fixed price. Anything that is not sold during this time gets reduced. But not many items reach that second stage as the items are so good that customers are loathe to let them slip through their fingers.
Address: Via Ss. Martino e Solferino, 4 Padova 35100
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue - Sat
Telephone: +39 049652573
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: Minibus n.1 Piazza delle Erbe

3. Mercatino
This is a favourite among university students for kitting out their homes. Il Mercatino is in a hangar in a small street next to the Graissi bridge, also near to Via Madonna della Salute, exactly half way between 'Arcella and the industrial area. There is a good selection of mattresses, kitchen , used clothing, utensils, cupboards, dishes, music cassettes, ornaments and much more.
The shop owners decide the prices with the managers and are discouynted by 15-20% for every month they remain unsold. By keeping an eye on things you can get a good bargain!
Address: Via Galante, 9 bis Padova 35100
Opening hours: 4pm-7.30pm Mon; 10am-12.30pm, 4pm-7pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0498071419
Neighbourhood: East zone

4. Docks Dora
You'll find a little bit of everything in this shop inside the Centro Emporium, next to the train station. From the masses of 70s clothing to ladies underwear, there is also plenty of sportswear.
Those who like extravagant accessories will find two baskets here in which to scavenge, in search of unusual bags and clothes. There is also a mini collection of new clothing, strictly retro style.
Docks Dora has a section dedicated to nearly new shoes coming from fashion shows and competitions.
Address: Corso del Popolo, 10 Padova 35100
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 049661475
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: 3, 8, 10, 12, 18 Corso del Popolo

5. Eurozapata
Two top prizes for this shop 100m from the train station; firstly it is Padua's largest second hand store but more importantly, it was the city's first used clothing store, at a time when 'second hand' was synonymous with 'old' rather than 'trendy' as it is today.
The shop is not that big but there are constant new arrivals and the hangers are always full. Here you will find coats, furs and sheepskins for L.100,000 (EUR50) as well as seventies shirts and way out coats and trousers for less than L.20,000L (EUR10). Worth at least an afternoon looking round!
Address: Via Foscolo, 7/A Padova 35131
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0498751462
Neighbourhood: Downtown

6. Rita Cadillac
This is a great place to come for lovers of vintage clothing. The shop is very small but overflowing. Famous artists such as Patty Pravo and Ottavia Piccolo shop here when they are showing at the nearby Teatro Verdi.
Paduans tend to buy original accessories or clothing for special events, and here you will even find gowns for debutante balls or 20s style bridal wear.
Donatella, the extravagant owner also sells new clothing and good replicas of 60s clothes. Very competitive prices from L.50,000 (EUR25) to L.300,000 (EUR150).
Address: vicolo Dante, 2 Padova 35100
Opening hours: 10am-12.30pm, 4pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Neighbourhood: Downtown



1. Antarte di Gentile C.
Antique furniture has a special fascination about it, owing to the very particular style in which it was made, and the quality of wood used in its construction, capable of withstanding the centuries. Decorating your home with a few pieces of this or other period furniture gives the room a hint of refinery. To buy antique furniture, there's no need for any real expertise, instead you can go to a centre that offers certain guarantees.
Address: V.le Reg. Siciliana, 8445 Palermo 90146
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon
Telephone: +39 0916302575

2. Paternostro Pellicce
A fur coat is a very special item of clothing that will last a long time. If you go to the wardrobe only to find a really old fur, in too much of a sorry state to be any use, or a style that's gone out of fashion, then it's time for you to come to this centre which works with all types of furs as well as carrying out repairs and cleaning etc. The brand new items on show are all handmade from fur or leather.
Address: Via Cataldo Parisio, 72a Palermo 90145
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 4.30pm-7.30pm Mon
Telephone: +39 0916812108
Neighbourhood: Noce



1. Vecchia America
This shop faces Via Nazario Sauro, in a distinctive area not far from the Town Hall and Piazza Garibaldi. The clothes to be found here are the same as the styles that clothed high society women in the thirties and fifties. There are all styles of skirts here in calf length, as any shorter would have been scandalous. The clothes are also in the same fabrics which were fashionable then and are light and fluttery. The shirts are very popular, and are mostly white, with lace or decorated embroidery. There are also delightful hats, with enormous brims made from material or coloured straw, some with flowers but all worthy of a Hollywood diva.
Address: Via Nazario Sauro,7 Parma 43100
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; 9am-12.30pm Thu
Telephone: +39 0521235697
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: 3-4-5-8 Via Repubblica

2. Arizzi antiquariato
This workshop in the heart of the centre, in a side street of the central Via Repubblica, is extremely well stocked. There is truly a vast range of offerings, ranging from furniture to paintings and everything for the home. The keyword here is antiquity which is mixed with quality. As well as selling goods they also buy furniture from private collections.
Address: Via Collegio Maria Luigia, 17 Parma 43100
Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; 9,30am-12.30pm Thu
Telephone: +39 0521284001
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: 3-4-5-8 Via Repubblica

3. Ferraglia antichità
This is a small shop in the heart of the centre. It was one of the first to open here in the 1930's, in what has now become the street of antique dealers. The merchandise on display is only a taste of what is held in the warehouse which is not far from the shop. There are all kinds of things here, from furniture to lamps, paintings and mirrors even though they specialise in furniture. Fabio Ferraglia, the owner, has furnished the homes of many Parma locals for over fifty years. He is now passing the business on to his children Andrea and Pietro.
Address: Via XXII Luglio, 19 Parma 43100
Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; 9,30am-12.30pm Thu
Telephone: +39 0521238802
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: 3-4-5-8 Via Repubblica

4. Galleria d'arte Sthendal
This recently renovated place is located in a distinctive street in the centre, near the Cathedral. It is a particularly elegant gallery which is like a room in an art gallery. They specialise in antique paintings (mostly from the nineteenth century) and offer a vast range of different subjects from still life to portraits, battle scenes, landscapes and interiors. Worth a visit.
Address: Via Petrarca, 4 Parma 43100
Telephone: +39 0521234856
Neighbourhood: Downtown

5. Mercatino dell'antiquariato
Every Thursday collectors meet under the porticoes of the Ospedale Vecchio along the main street of the Oltretorrente. The antique market of Via D'Azeglio is not to be missed. If once upon a time professionals came here along to display their wares with people who just had a casual hobby, nowadays the Council have imposed more severe rules on license control and so there is more chance of finding an object of value and good quality. It is still possible to a find a really good bargain, there is everything here from furniture to books and jewellery.
Address: Via D'Azeglio Parma 43100
Opening hours: 6am-7pm Thu
Neighbourhood: Oltretorrente - Molinetto
Nearest train: 3-4-5 Via D'Azeglio

6. Crystal music gallery
This shop is in a street off Via Repubblica, not far from Piazza Garibaldi. It is a place for music fans and anyone who is not just looking for a record but wants to find a rarity. There are true finds here from vinyl discs (also second hand) to cd's of classical music. As well as rare items and records which can now hardly be found, there are also traditional records and cd's. The speciality of the shop is classical music from symphony music to chamber music. They also have a good opera section and the passion of the owner for jazz has meant that this section is also quite rich. There are also cd's of easy listening music.
Address: Via XXII Luglio, 8 Parma 43100
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat; 9am-12.30pm Thu
Telephone: +39 0521237686
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: 3-4-5-8 Via Repubblica


1. Porta Portese
This is surely the most famous market in Rome. As well as stalls selling new clothes it also offers second-hand clothes, antiques, oriental handicrafts and spare parts for bikes and cars. If you are not in a hurry, it is interesting to wander round the Russian stalls which sell clocks and cameras.
Address: Piazza di Porta Portese Rome 00153
Opening hours: 5am-2pm Sun
Neighbourhood: Trastevere - Testaccio - Aventino - Gianicolo

2. Antiquariato a Testaccio
This open-air market of small antiques also has some secondhand stalls. Visa accepted.
Address: Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice Rome 00153
Opening hours: 8am-8pm once a month according to season
Telephone: +39 065780638
Neighbourhood: Trastevere - Testaccio - Aventino - Gianicolo
Nearest train: Piramide

3. Fiera Antiquaria Hotel Parco dei Principi
This market sells high quality antiques and collectors' items. Jewellery, carpets, silverware, books, watches and ceramics are just some of the articles to be found in this elegant market. Visa accepted.
Address: Via Frescobaldi, 8 Rome 00198
Opening hours: 10am-7pm every second Sun Oct-Apr
Telephone: +39 068419986
Neighbourhood: Trieste - Nomentana - Montesacro - Salario - Nuovo Salario

4. Galleria delle Stimmate
The stars of this exhibition are jewellery and old amber. Also not to be missed are the stalls selling specialised embroidery and old-fashioned lace, as well as porcelain and antique stamps.
Address: Largo delle Stimmate, 1 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 10am-7.30pm last Sun of each month Sep-May
Telephone: +39 063337884
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

5. Giornata dell'Antiquariato dell'Hotel Sheraton
This elegant antiques exhibition sells silverware, furniture, carpets, period jewellery, porcelain, and many other curiosities for those who know about these things.
Entrance fee: L.3000
Address: Viale del Pattinaggio Rome 00144
Opening hours: 10.30am-8pm every third Sun Oct-May
Telephone: +39 063700559
Neighbourhood: Ostiense - San Paolo - Garbatella - Magliana
Nearest train: Magliana

6. Le domeniche dell'Hotel Cavalieri Hilton
This is a sophisticated antiques exhibition which offers jewellery, furniture and period silverware. The pieces range mostly from the early 19th c. to early 20th c., but a sharp eye may find something from the 18th century or something quite modern. The jewellery from the 1920's onwards is very beautiful; the restored furniture is also worth a look.
Address: Via Cadlolo, 101 Rome 00136
Opening hours: 9am-10pm every third Sun of the month except Jun-Jul-Aug
Telephone: +39 0669941803
Neighbourhood: Monte Mario

7. Non Solo Tarli
This huge antiques market, held twice a year, attracts the most prestigious collectors from all over Italy. More than 200 stalls display furniture, ornaments, pictures and jewellery. Admission: L.15000
Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 295 Rome 00147
Opening hours: 3pm-9.30pm Mon-Fri; 10am-9.30pm Sat and holidays
Telephone: +39 0669941803
Neighbourhood: Ostiense - San Paolo - Garbatella - Magliana


1. Antichità italiane
Are you looking for an early 20th century bookcase? Do you want to add a traditional touch to a room decorated in modern style? Do you think an antique table or vase would suit a corner of your house? Here you will find what you are looking for. The large range of objects and furniture from the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries allows you to examine, discuss their value with the owner and to come to an agreement on price in peace. Most of the articles have been restored and are in good condition but for particular cases the shop has a workshop. District: Salario
Address: Via Nizza, 26/32 Rome 00198
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat; 3pm-7.30pm Sun
Telephone: +39 068412648
Neighbourhood: Trieste - Nomentana - Montesacro - Salario - Nuovo Salario

2. Antichità del Gaudio
If you don't like wandering around large furniture shops where you are left to your own devices by the staff, come to this shop. The owners Franco, Gianna and Stefano are decidedly courteous and friendly. They make the difficult choice of an antique piece of furniture an easy task. They are sensitive to all customers' requests and what is not actually on show is probably being delivered from England or some private collection right now. So don't hesitate to make requests. The choice is of antiques from the 18th c. onwards with a preference for English, French and Italian. If you are looking for Biedermeier, this is the right place. Silverware, glassware and 1930's American costume jewellery are all on show. Nose around to find an original gift. District: Monte Sacro
Address: Via Gaspara Stampa, 93 Rome 00137
Opening hours: 9am-8pm Mon-Sun.
Telephone: +39 068273559
Neighbourhood: Trieste - Nomentana - Montesacro - Salario - Nuovo Salario

3. Bateleur
This shop, built inside a church that dates from the year 1000, is full of surprises. It is almost impossible to leave this fascinating place of modern and antique objects empty-handed. The owner, Signora Cuneo, manages a cultural association and is always happy to have a chat.
Address: Via di San Simeone, 71 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 10am-1pm, 4pm-8pm Tue-Sat; 11am-1pm, 3pm-8pm Sun
Telephone: +39 066877184
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

4. Curiosità in Terrazza Peroni
This interesting antiques and curiosities market takes place in a parking area on the fourth floor of the former Peroni site. It has mostly 20th century products and objets d'art alongside a smaller collection of older pieces. Visa accepted. Entrance fee: L.3.000
Address: Via Mantova, 24 Rome 00198
Opening hours: 10am-8pm every third Sun Oct-May
Telephone: +39 069067980
Neighbourhood: Aurelio - Pineta Sacchetti - Forte Bravetta

5. Gea Arte Antica
It is now possible to buy small relics from the Greek, Roman and Etruscan periods. This shop specialises in the little objects that do not interest museums, such as small bronze pins or terracotta items.
Address: Via dell'Orso, 82 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 4pm-8pm Mon; 10am-1pm, 4pm-7.30 Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0668804547
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

6. Il Pulcino della Minerva
This elegant shop sells high quality antique objects, selected by the refined Filena Romano. There is a wide choice of small ornaments, ceiling lights, period chandeliers with candles, porcelain, small furniture and lamps.
Address: Via della Palombella, 24 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 4pm-7.30pm Mon; 10am-1pm, 4pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 066865718
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

7. Le Troc
This shop, a stone's throw from Via dei Condotti, offers a vast choice of furniture, paintings and lamps from the beginning of the century, as well as splendid wine glasses and other fascinating objects. You will doubtless find something to take your fancy in this Italian art display, where the friendly staff will help you to make the perfect choice.
Address: Via dei Greci, 38 Rome 00187
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 10am-1pm, 3.30-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 066796091
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico
Nearest train: Spagna

8. Le care, vecchie cose...
Only visit this antiques shop if you have the time to wander around the vast number of objects on sale here. With a bit of patience shop furniture, old toys, sofas, dressing tables and majolica stoves can be found here. The courtesy and pleasant manner of Luciana Di Paolo makes every purchase even more delightful.
Address: Via della Lungara, 44a Rome 00165
Opening hours: 12pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 066893662
Neighbourhood: Aurelio - Pineta Sacchetti - Forte Bravetta

9. Lilia Leoni
For admirers of the English, this is the place to find furnishings typical of large, rural English houses, such as embroidered cushions, frames, wooden or iron end-of-the-century beds, armchairs or wall stencils.
Address: Via Belsiana, 86 Rome 00187
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9am-1pm, 3.30-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 066790514
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico
Nearest train: Spagna

10. Papadato antichità
The highlight of this antique shop is the variety of antique fans it sells. It also has a good collection of costume jewellery dating from the beginning of the century, frames and various objets d'art.
Address: Piazza di Pietra, 41 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 10.30am-7pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 066796931
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

11. Ruffi
An introduction to the world of 19th and early 20th century French furniture, these items are carefully chosen and imported directly by the owner who is forever travelling to France in search of lamps, tables, wardrobes, armchairs, glassware, seats and other smaller objects. There are of course many Art Deco articles and the shop is well-known in the world of show business as the furniture is often hired out to theatres or cinema. On Saturdays, visits can only be made by appointment.
Address: Piazzale Ardeatino, 7 Rome 00154
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +39 065741358
Neighbourhood: Ostiense - San Paolo - Garbatella - Magliana

12. Solarte
Renato Miracco offers a great variety of furniture, armchairs, chandeliers, and art nouveau and art-deco style objects, in his antiques shop. There are often exhibitions on original themes.
Address: Via Angelo Brunetti, 6 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 10am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon
Telephone: +39 063200407
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

13. L'Oca Giuliva
This second-hand clothes shop also sells haute-couture clothes of celebrities, thanks to the owner's showbusiness acquaintances.
Address: Via Caroncini, 58 Rome 00197
Opening hours: 10am-1pm, 3pm-7pm Tue-Sat; 3pm-7pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 068074829
Neighbourhood: Pinciano - Flaminio - Parioli - Cassia - Giustiniana

14. La Marchandise
This shop sells second-hand elegant clothes in excellent condition. Many of the sheepskin jackets, suits and ladies sweaters are made by prestigious designers.
Address: Via Francesco Crispi, 21 Rome 00187
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-1pm Sat
Telephone: +39 066794252
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico
Nearest train: Barberini

15. Mercatino Michela
This second-hand shop sells designer clothes, accessories and costume jewellery in excellent condition. There are suits, evening and cocktail dresses for women and accessories for men.
Address: Piazzale Clodio, 1c Rome 00195
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 10am-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 063728654
Neighbourhood: Prati - Clodia - Trionfale - Foro Italico
Nearest train: Ottaviano-S. Pietro

16. Cecilia e Omero
This shop is a treasure trove of almost exclusively 1970s clothes. According to Vogue, retro seventies is back in this millennium. So this will be just the thing for those funky retro divas. Flares, flower power skirts and all the trimmings!
Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 68 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 9.30am-1.30pm, 4pm-8pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +39 066833506
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

17. Fuoriserie
This second-hand clothes shop gets new deliveries each month of sweatshirts, jeans, leather and suede jackets and t-shirts.
Address: Via della Lungara, 42a Rome 00165
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 4pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 4pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 066867732
Neighbourhood: Trastevere - Testaccio - Aventino - Gianicolo

18. Marcolino
As well as second-hand classics, such as jeans, jackets and t-shirts, this shop also sells quality items such as raincoats, tweed jackets and cashmere clothes. If you want classic clothes, this is an excellent address to visit, especially if you do not want to spend much.
Address: Via Plauto, 16 Rome 00193
Opening hours: 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon; 9.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 066865782
Neighbourhood: Vaticano - Borgo
Nearest train: Ottaviano-S. Pietro

19. Rags Utd
This amazing shop has a vast choice of flowery Hawaiian shirts, evening dresses dating from the 1920s to the 1950s and American jeans. It is fun just to rummage through the stock in search of that special something. Even though it is one of the more expensive second-hand shops, the goods on sale are of such high quality that the slightly higher prices are justified.
Address: Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 11/12 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 9.30am-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 066879344
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico

20. Rigattieri per Hobby
More than an ordinary second-hand shop, this boutique sells period and luxury clothes and costume jewellery. They also offer the opportunity to rent one of sixty display stalls for a month.
Address: Via Luciani, 54 Rome 00197
Opening hours: 10am-1pm, 4pm-7pm Tue-Sat; 4pm-7pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 063216930
Neighbourhood: Pinciano - Flaminio - Parioli - Cassia - Giustiniana

21. Sempre Verde
This second-hand clothes shop sells mostly suede and leather goods. The wide selection on offer makes it a favourite with costume and set designers.
Address: Via del Corallo, 7 Rome 00186
Opening hours: 4.30pm-1.30am Mon; 10am-1.30am Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 0668801398
Neighbourhood: Centro Storico


1. Mercatino del venerdì sera
You can pass a special evening in Piazza Cavour in Rimini where the famous Friday night market takes place, offering you the opportunity of taking a stroll in the center of the city while admiring the stalls exhibiting a multitude of original and sought-after products. You can find antiques, costume jewelry, silver, lace, doilies, knick-knacks, candles and collectibles (comics, "historic" editions of magazines and newspapers, tiny perfumes, telephone cards). Small sale stands are also set up at the old site of the Rimini fish market. The market is only open in summer and for the occasion, the main shops in the center remain open on Friday nights until 11 p.m.
Address: Piazza Cavour Rimini
Opening hours: 7pm-midnight Fri
Neighbourhood: Downtown


1. Mercato della Crocetta
The Crocetta market is the most chic in Turin, also because it is situated in one of the best areas of the "subalpine capital". If you desperately want a dress or jumper you saw in a trendy shop, then you must definitely go, you will find good bargains and quality clothing at low prices. You won't be disappointed!
Address: Largo Cassini Turin 10129
Opening hours: 7:30am-1pm Mon-Sat.
Neighbourhood: Crocetta
Nearest train: 16, 45, 33

2. Piazza Benefica
To get to this market, ask for Piazza Benefica which is the name the market is known by. Located in one of the better off neighbourhoods, the market reflects this fact with the goods it sells. You will find designer dresses (perhaps worn once and forgotten by one of the wealthy), velvet jackets, silk shirts, jewellery and even antiques. The difficulty of finding the market is rewarded by the surprises you will find though a little retro in taste.
Address: Giardino Martini Via Duchessa Jolanda angolo via Principi d'Acaja Turin 10138
Opening hours: 8.30am-1pm Mon-Sat
Neighbourhood: Cenisia



1. Antichità Cantarutti
With the prolific number of antique shops which have sprung up recently, it can be difficult to tell real works of art (and value) from junk, or even imitation furniture and ornaments made following antique designs, or assembled with recycled materials. This small shop, in a strategic location near the university and just outside the city centre, displays a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture and other antiques. The owner scrupulously informs all eventual clients about the age, the origin, and the consequent value of what is on display. Items vary from 16th century maiolica to 19th century bronzes, from crystal lamps to porcelain tureens, from a restored table to parts of a painted Sicilian cart from last century.
Address: Via Mantica, 7b Udine 33100
Opening hours: 9am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +39 04478931085
Neighbourhood: Porta S. Lazzaro



1. Libreria Antonietta
The road on which this bookshop can be found is well known to all Florence students, because there are so many second-hand booksellers which inhabit it. It is on this road that the Libreria Antonietta can be found. Second hand books of all kinds can be found in this little shop - academic texts of all levels, as well as essays, novels and much, much more.
Address: Via S. Gallo, 195 Florence 50129
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 055474328
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

2. Libreria dello Studente
This bookshop is freqented principally by students of Law and Political Sciences because the faculties for these subjects are so nearby. There are also many antique books and art books. If necessary books can also be bought and sold by post.
Address: Via Laura, 68a Florence 50121
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 0552478755
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

3. S. Gallo
All students in Florence will have bought or sold college books in this bookshop at least once in their lives. Once people have finished their studies they continue to frequent this shop considering the great variety of texts available. Availability varies according to the time of year for art and architectural books.
Address: Via S. Gallo, 149r Florence 50129
Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon
Telephone: +39 055489955
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

4. Casa Wolf
Beautifully restored antiques and charming pieces are all sold in this lovely shop, which is slightly tucked away from the city centre. It also sells sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs of all kinds as well as a vast choice of lamps made by the shop. There is also a wide selection of textiles and porcelain - and all of the highest quality.
Address: Via S. Giovanni, 5r Florence 50124
Opening hours: 9am-1pm and 4pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +39 055288085
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

5. Homo Sapiens
Hunted out by the owner himself, this shop houses a multitude of artefacts from Asia and Africa: necklaces and masks, bronze statues, sword hilts, lintel and column fragments from Malaysia or India, ancient capitals ready to be used in an original way, seats, small tables ... to name but a few.
Address: Borgo S. Croce, 2a Florence 50100
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 055244725
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

6. Sandro Morelli Antichità
Shop specialising in late medieval period, where you can come across some unique pieces: rare Carthusian chests, wooden sculptures from the early Renaissance etc. Everything is clearly displayed in a simple ordered manner, giving the objects enough room to 'speak for themselves.'
Address: Via Maggio, 51r Florence 50125
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 055282789
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

7. Zecchi
Located in what used to be the main street of medieval Florence, this shop sells all manner of rarities. Not only can you find valuable furniture and sculptures but also glass and iron objects, copper and bronze items, lights and candelabra, all of which have been carefully and lovingly chosen.
Address: Via Maggio, 34r Florence 50125
Opening hours: 9am-1pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm Tue-Sat; 3.30pm-7.30pm Mon.
Telephone: +39 055293368
Neighbourhood: Historical Center

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