1. Kviberg Marknad
The gigantic stables at the old Kviberg barracks no longer house any horses; instead there is a market, the place to be if you want to forget for a while that you are in rainy, windy Gothenburg. At Kviberg market all kinds of people from all over the world converge, and you can buy absolutely anything, from antiques to garden gnomes. Kvibergs market is open every weekend. To get there, take trams 6 or 7 to Kviberg and then just follow the rest of the people.
Address: Stallarna Kvibergs Regemente Gothenburg
Opening hours: 10am-7pm Sat-Sun
Telephone: +46 31 261 637
Neighbourhood: Greater Gothenburg


1. Pennies From Heaven
The exterior of this Mecca for jazz-lovers is decorated with LP-covers with great stars from the jazz-era and onwards. You get something of a retro feeling looking at it, as you do when you browse through some of their records. Other genres are covered here as well, like classical music, schlager, pop and rock, on CD and LP. There is a lot of literature related to music, and some other books. This pleasant shop with a veryfull atmopshere is not open on Mondays. Trams 4 and 5 go to Berzeliigatan.
Address: Södra Vägen 22 Gothenburg 412 54
Opening hours: midday-6pm Mon-Fri; 11am-2pm Sat
Telephone: +46 31 181 828
Neighbourhood: Lorensberg

2. Satisfaction HB
It is hard to walk through Haga without dropping in at Satisfaction, which buys and sells used records. Mainly it deals in CDs, but some vinyl as well. You can also find rare 45s here. The shop is subdivided into categories like rock/pop, funk, jazz, hip-hop, film music, metal, etc. There are some music books and videos for sale as well, and some special editions, like boxes, promo albums, etc.
This shop receives many new albums, and the turnover is considerable. The premises are often crowded, but for same reason it is still cosy. It is a good place for bargains.
Address: Haga Nygata 22 Gothenburg 413 01
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-4pm Sat
Telephone: +46 31 711 1432
Neighbourhood: Haga


1. Hötorget
Framed by the PUB shopping arcade and the Concert Hall, with Carl Milles's grand statue Orpheus, you will find Hötorget (the Hay Market). Here you can buy fresh fruit and flowers off nice little stands. In the summer it is a good idea to buy fresh strawberries and eat them on the sunny stairs of the Concert Hall. On Sundays the fruit and veg is replaced by antiques, books and other used goods, sold for a good price.
Address: Stockholm 111 20
Opening hours: Dawn-6pm Mon-Sat; dawn-4pm Sun
Neighbourhood: Norrmalm/City
Nearest train: Hötorget

2. Kreuter Antikhandel och Loppis
Kreuter Antikhandel will buy and sell most items such as mirrors, crystal chandeliers, sculptures, copper and brass objects, silver, clocks, Zorn-etchings, curios, Roman and Medieval items, Chinese porcelain, Russian icons and much more. They have two shops in the Old Town not far from each other.
Address: Köpmangatan 18 Trädgårdstvärgränd 2 Stockholm 111 31
Telephone: +46 8 21 03 33
Neighbourhood: Old Town (Gamla Stan)
Nearest train: Gamla stan


1. Aderton Antikvariat
Adertons at Norrtullsgatan is not so large a second-hand bookshop, but it is well organised, with some of this and some of that. This is the type of place where you might find that particular book you thought was impossible to find anywhere. Their selection, with some English and some Swedish books, is all in very good shape and order.
Address: Norrtullsgatan 13 Stockholm 102 32
Opening hours: 12pm-6pm Mon-Fri; 12pm-3pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 33 44 42
Neighbourhood: Vasastan
Nearest train: Odenplan

2. Antikvariat Oceanen
This is a second-hand bookshop at its best. Once you have passed the entrance it is no more than ten metres until you have reached the end of the store. That doesn't mean that there are few books here, though: what they have done here is use the height of the ceiling. Standing on the floor looking up at the highest bookshelves might make you feel a little dizzy...
The range of subjects is mostly in fiction and if you spend some time you will probably find several really good books here.
Address: Sveavägen 102 Stockholm 113 50
Opening hours: 11.30am-7pm Mon-Fri; 12pm-3pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 673 73 00
Neighbourhood: Norrmalm/City
Nearest train: Rådmansgatan

3. Aspingtons Antikvariat
Aspingtons Antikvariat resides in small premises on Västerlånggatan. This second-hand bookshop covers many areas, but you will find a certain focus on topography and theosophy. Another speciality is English and Swedish first editions. If you are looking for older magazines Arlingtons is also a hot tip.
Address: Västerlånggatan 54 Stockholm 111 29
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-2pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 20 11 00
Neighbourhood: Old Town (Gamla Stan)
Nearest train: Gamla Stan

4. Centralantikvariatet
On two floors that will pretty much remind you of a maze, you will find books for all kinds of different tastes. There is, however, a focus on Swedish history and music literature. There are also lots of pocket books and film and theatre books. On the ground floor they have mostly specialist literature and on the upper floor, fiction. The languages are English and Swedish.
Address: Drottninggatan 73 B Stockholm 111 36
Opening hours: 12pm-6pm Mon-Fri; 11am-3pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 411 91 36
Neighbourhood: Norrmalm/City
Nearest train: Hötorget/T-Centralen

5. Ryös Antikvariat
If you like orderliness there is one particular second-hand bookshop on Hantverkargatan you really should visit. In a very neat environment Ryös presents an astonishing amount of poetry books. There is also just as neat a department with art literature. If you are looking for books on Stockholm, congratulations for finding this bookshop! You will find them here and in a shape as good as new.
Address: Hantverkargatan 21 Stockholm 112 21
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-2pm Sat (closed Sat Jun-Aug)
Telephone: +46 8 654 80 86
Neighbourhood: Östermalm
Nearest train: Rådhuset
URL: http://www.ryo.se/
Email: ryo@ryo.se

6. Serieslussen
Many of us fondly remember comic books from our childhood, but most of us threw them out with the rubbish some time ago. Fortunately, some people, like those who run Serieslussen, realised that one day comics would become big business. This shop is filled with comics like Tintin, Gaston, etc., plus old pocket detective novels.
Address: Bellmansgatan 26 Stockholm 118 47
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; 11am-3pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 644 50 11
Neighbourhood: Södermalm
Nearest train: Slussen

7. Epok
Epok is a thrift store where the clothes are in their true element. The display windows take you back to the Twenties, and the mannequins look as if they had never done anything but dance the Charleston. The prices are in line with the rarities that are sold. Most of the clothes and objects date from as far back as 30 years age or even further. A visit is recommended for the second-hand enthusiast.
Address: Odengatan 83 Stockholm 113 22
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri; 10am-5pm Sat; 10am-4pm Sun
Telephone: +46 8 34 13 40
Neighbourhood: Vasastan
Nearest train: Odenplan

8. Tant Gredelins Garderob
Some of the clothes in Tant Gredelins Garderob do not look used; however, these garments are all second-hand. Take your time and browse at leisure and you will discover some treasures. Well-known clothes brands and famous designers' creations - Tant Gredelins' speciality - are sold here for a fraction of the original cost. Some of the clothes are as good as new, you could walk out with the bargain of your life. Tant Gredelin also sells good-quality children's clothes. The store is named after the character Tant Gredelin in a children's book by Elsa Beskow. It means Mrs. Purple and that was what she always wore - long, purple dresses.
Address: Karlavägen 72 Stockholm 114 59
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; 11am-3pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 662 17 50
Neighbourhood: Östermalm
Nearest train: Karlaplan

9. Vilse i Garderoben
When a bit of glitter and glamour is what you really need Vilse i Garderoben comes to the rescue. Fashionable dresses, gowns, tailored costumes and suits from the Swinging Sixties still proclaim that life can be good. If you are not invited to a ball at the castle it is still possible to feel as if you were. Vilse i Garderoben also sells glittery accessories and shoes.
Address: Hantverkargatan 59 Stockholm 112 31
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; 11am-4pm Sat
Telephone: +46 8 652 37 27
Neighbourhood: Södermalm
Nearest train: Slussen

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