1. Chinatown Night Market

This place will delight you on a hot summer night when you feel like having an intense sensory experience. There is plenty to taste, touch, smell, hear, drink and drink in. Explore blocks and booths of everything from bubble tea to bok choy. Find delicacies and desserts like frog's eggs or dried, salted plums. You can also find clothes, toys like Pokemon and nearly any household accessory, all at inexpensive prices. Bring your haggling shoes. Admission is free.

Address: (Pender and Keefer Streets) (Between Main and Gore Streets) Vancouver BC V6A 1X5
Opening hours: Summer: 6:30pm-11pm Fri-Sun
Neighbourhood: Chinatown
URL: http://vancouverchinatown.ca/

2. Lonsdale Quay Market & Shops

Where the SeaBus trip from downtown ends, this large, unique market begins. Bring your camera and climb the seaview observation tower for an unobstructed shot of the city. The harbour market has three levels of shops, boutiques and restaurants. The ground level houses more than 60 fresh market vendors selling a variety of goods from flowers, fruits and vegetables, to sweets, soups and sauces. Specialty stores occupy the second level, carrying everything from home decorations to fashion for adults and children. The third level leads to the Lonsdale Quay Hotel.

Address: 123 Carrie Cates Court North Vancouver BC V7M 3K7
Opening hours: 9:30am-6:30pm Sat-Thu; 9:30am-9pm Fri
Telephone: +1 604 985 6261
Neighbourhood: North Vancouver
URL: http://www.lonsdalequay.com

3. Punjabi Market (Little India)

This shopping area has some of the smells, sounds, colours and tastes of India. Hear Indian music and smell the spicy aromas of authentic food. The district teems with stores hawking food, spices, jewellery, saris and fabrics. A trip to Little India won't be complete without sampling some Indian cuisine. If you travel (by car) farther southeast to Marine Drive, you will find the large Sikh Temple on Ross Street. Renowned local architect Arthur Erickson designed the award-winning temple, which blends traditional Indian architecture with a modern sensibility.

Address: Main Street (From East 48th to 51st avenues) Vancouver BC V5X 3H1
Telephone: n/a
Neighbourhood: South Vancouver
URL: http://www.virtualvancouver.com/indiatown.html


1. Hermit Books

This used book store, located a few doors down from Benny's Bagels in Kitsilano, is housed in a charmingly cramped and creaky heritage building. The scent of incense and sound of soft music usually wafts through the air. Find fiction, science fiction, self-help and psychology, children's stories, erotica, poetry and other genres. The prices are reasonable and some rare and first edition books are also carried. The store buys select titles as well.
Address: 2509 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6K 2E9
Opening hours: 10am-7pm daily
Telephone: +1 604 732 4070
Neighbourhood: Kitsilano

2. Czarina Vintage Clothing

This locally run online store picks out cool retro fashion and ships it all over the world. A recent winner of a young entrepreneurs award, the company's site lets you browse through examples of the selection, like women's 1970s fur-trimmed jackets, men's leather biker jackets, patchwork leather skirts, and glitzy cowboy shirts in many colours. The site even has monthly themes, from Halloween gothic to winter fuzzy stuff. The store accepts orders and deals with requests from all over the world and ships items in the method of your choice.

Address: Web site business only Vancouver BC n/a
Opening hours: Always open
Telephone: +1 604 688 2644 or +1 800 738 7655
Neighbourhood: West Side
Email: czarina@telus.com

3. Around Again Boutique

This downtown consignment store buys and sells designer clothing in top condition. It's a popular destination for students and businesswomen on a budget, and a saving grace for the thrifty yet fashionable. Find dressy suits and separates, casual knit and cottonwear, shoes, handbags, jewellery, hats, and other accessories. Among the well-known brands and designers that grace their second-hand racks: Laura Ashley, Fendi, Guess, Gucci, and Virani.

Address: 721 Denman St Vancouver BC V6B 3K4
Opening hours: 11am-6pm daily
Telephone: +1 604 689 8616
Neighbourhood: West End

4. Deluxe Junk Co.

This cool consignment boutique is second-hand splendor for anyone looking for retro togs. The long-standing Gastown store has men's and women's consignment, used clothing, accessories, shoes, belts, hats and other goodies. Featured vintage outfits hang from the walls to spark your imagination or raise your eyebrow in wonder. Try on a pair of red-sequined platform shoes, or a classy, tailored suit circa 1964. Voted "Top Vintage/Retro Store" by local papers and magazines.

Address: 310 West Cordova St Vancouver BC V6B 1E8
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 685 4871
Neighbourhood: Gastown
URL: http://www.deluxejunk.com/
Email: spabic@telus.net

5. True Value Vintage

This second hand shop is an oasis of the funky, the retro and the cheap amid a desert of the brand-spanking new, the relatively dear and the shiny of Vancouver's downtown shopping Mecca, Robson Street. Let the heavy bass or disco thread you downstairs to this grand vintage lover's dream. Sift through the racks of nostalgia-inducing gear while rubbing shoulders with city scenesters. The staff, though young and painfully hip, is nevertheless attentive.
Address: 710 Robson St Vancouver BC V6Z 1A1
Opening hours: 11am-8pm Mon-Wed, Sat, 11am-9pm Thu-Fri, noon-7pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 685 5403
Neighbourhood: Downtown

6. Virgin Mary's

This downtown boutique is popular with young urbanites who like to feed their yen for all things retro. It carries a good selection of new and used clothes and accessories. Whether it's 1970s iron-ons on colourful baseball shirts, retro-printed punk T-shirts or plaid polyester shorts, they can be found among the brimming racks here. The prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly. They also carry bags, jewellery, belts and other accessories to complete the looks.

Address: 430 Homer St Vancouver BC V6B 2V5
Opening hours: 10am-6pm daily
Telephone: +1 604 844 7848
Neighbourhood: Downtown

7. Watts Costume Rentals

Want to make a big splash at the next Halloween party? Tired of throwing together last-minute embarrassments? This costume rental store is the place to find thousands of costumes for any occasion: corporate functions and events, theatre presentations and plays, Halloween trick-or-treating, parties, Easter, Christmas and Scottish formals. Find animal themes, wigs, hats, accessories and full mascot costumes. Reserve your costume ahead during busy times like Halloween.

Address: 217 West 6th Ave Vancouver BC V5Y 1K7
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +1 604 876 5611
Neighbourhood: West Side

8. Canada West Antique Co.

This eclectic gallery of fine Canadian antiques offers everything from dresser drawers and chairs to decoys, folk art and textiles. Whether you're looking for a Hutterite worktable from Nova Scotia or a Doukhobor chair from British Columbia, this gallery has it. There's also a selection of modern folk art from local artisans that is invariably whimsical and totally original. Prices are high, but reasonable considering the quality of the select items.

Address: 4430 West 10th St Vancouver BC V6R 2H9
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat; noon-4:30pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 222 9190
Neighbourhood: Point Grey
URL: http://www.canadawestantiques.com
Email: order@canadawestantiques.com

9. Canada West Antique Company

You'll find authentic antique pine furniture from across Canada in this specialty store 15-minutes from downtown. The country-style pieces found here have either original paint or natural finishes. In addition to furniture, the store carries antique country accessories, folk art, quilts and hooked rugs. The inventory is consistently updated, providing a regular parade of new antique goodies to check out. Among the collection are superb dressers, cupboards and desks, as well as beds and cradles.

Address: 4430 West 10th Ave Vancouver BC V6R 2H9
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat; noon-4:30pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 222 9190
Neighbourhood: Point Grey
URL: http://www.canadawestantiques.com/
Email: order@canadawestantiques.com

10. Shaughnessy Antique Gallery

Eclectic South Granville is home to the city's Gallery Row. The full store is also home to this antique shopping area, which has two floors and more than 40 dealers. Visit here and you'll find yourself in one of the biggest antique showrooms in the city. The selection of 18th-20th-century antiques is unparalleled. Find bisque collections, furniture, silverware, porcelain items, jewelry, art glass and toys. It also stocks English Chintz, Wedgewood, Clarice Cliff, Doulton, Rookwood and Carlton Ware pieces. The store is a collector's paradise.

Address: 3025 Granville St Vancouver BC V6H 3J9
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 739 8413
Neighbourhood: West Side
Email: antiqueq@door2net.com

11. Three Centuries Shop

Located in historic Gastown, close to the Steam Clock, this furniture store has been providing antiques to dealers, collectors and other sagacious clients since 1981. As the name indicates, the shop's inventory consists mainly of pieces from the 18th through to the 20th century, in particular, British and continental art and furniture. The store has a large collection of art nouveau and art deco lamps and bronzes, as well as an impressive selection of clocks from the same period. Shipping to destinations worldwide can be provided. Appointments can be arranged.

Address: 1662 West 2nd Ave. Vancouver BC V6J 1H4
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Sat; noon-5:30pm Sun
Telephone: +1 604 685 8808
Neighbourhood: Gastown
URL: http://www.threecenturiesshop.com
Email: info@threecenturiesshop.com


1. Forks Market (The)

Since its opening in 1989, this market has evolved into the quintessential gathering place. After 10 years of development of this historic site and restoration of several historic buildings, it is once again a thriving hub of activity. Walking distance from the downtown hotels and within five minute's shuttle from attractions such as the Convention Centre, Manitoba Legislative Buildings, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Old Market Square and Portage Place, the market is "must do" for anyone visiting Winnipeg.

Address: 1 Forks Market Road Winnipeg MB R3C 4L9
Opening hours: Summer: 9:30am-9pm Mon-Sat; 9:30am-6:30pm Sun; Winter: 9:30am-6:30pm Sat-Thu; 9:30am-9pm Fri
Telephone: +1 204 942 6309; +1 204 957 7618 (Forks hotline).
Neighbourhood: Downtown
URL: http://www.theforks.com/index/forks_market
Email: marilyn.williams@tfnpp.mb.ca

2. Johnston Terminal

Back in the 1920s, the Terminal was a distribution warehouse serving the booming rail industry. Now it is a venue for an array of boutiques, cultural displays and the large restaurant chain, the Old Spaghetti Factory (The). You can shop the Bahnhofstrasse (also known as Rue de la Gare or Railway Street) or visit Select-A-Seat for concert or festival tickets. It is adjacent to The Forks Market, downtown's shopping and cultural centre. This facility holds the only shop at the Forks that sells a full line of Western wear.

Address: 25 Forks Market Road Winnipeg MB R3C 4S8
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat; 10am-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 204 956 5593; +1 204 957 7618 (Forks Hotline)
Neighbourhood: Downtown

3. Mike's General Store

Do you remember the old Coke signs or Cracker Jack toys? The proprietors of this space do. This quaint store provides memorabilia and collectables of all shapes and sizes, including tins, toys and table games. Prices range from nickel and dime trading cards to expensive old soda shop jukeboxes. Come into the store and experience the past or use a modern method and tour the wares online. This establishment is a must see for those prone to contented nostalgia.

Address: 52 St. Annes Road Winnipeg MB R2M 2Y3
Opening hours: 10:30am-5pm Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon
Telephone: +1 204 255 3463
Neighbourhood: Norwood
URL: http://www.mikesgeneralstore.com/
Email: mikesgen@ilos.net


1. Into The Music

Into The Music is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of, complete with a subculture management whose music knowledge makes you almost embarrassed to set foot in the place. However, the staff is extremely approachable, and willing to help you find new and used music that spans every imaginable genre. You will find rare music on CD, LP and cassette; if they do not have that live Curtis Mayfield or rare Bach you have always wanted, they will find it and send it wherever you are.

Address: 167 Osborne St Winnipeg MB R3L 1Z2
Opening hours: 10:30am-9pm Mon-Fri; 10:30am-6pm Sat; noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 204 287 8279
Neighbourhood: Fort Rouge
Email: cdlp@ilos.net

2. Johnston Terminal Antique Mall

Located at the Forks, this space offers relief from the touristy trinkets that are generally on offer at major souvenir stops. Beautiful fully restored antique furniture is the highlight here. Collections of china and toys are just a few of the treasures to be found. The shopping centre is not above archiving pop-culture with its old-time soda shop advertisements and collectable comics. The staff is friendly and helpful so getting good information is easy.

Address: 25 Forks Market Road Winnipeg MB R3C 4S8
Opening hours: 11am-9pm Fri; 11am-6pm Sat-Thu; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 204 947 3952
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Email: jtantiquemall@yahoo.ca

3. Mike's General Store

Do you remember the old Coke signs or Cracker Jack toys? The proprietors of this space do. This quaint store provides memorabilia and collectables of all shapes and sizes, including tins, toys and table games. Prices range from nickel and dime trading cards to expensive old soda shop jukeboxes. Come into the store and experience the past or use a modern method and tour the wares online. This establishment is a must see for those prone to contented nostalgia.

Address: 52 St. Annes Road Winnipeg MB R2M 2Y3
Opening hours: 10:30am-5pm Tue-Sat; closed Sun-Mon
Telephone: +1 204 255 3463
Neighbourhood: Norwood
URL: http://www.mikesgeneralstore.com/
Email: mikesgen@ilos.net


1. Jasper Marketplace

This large local shopping center in downtown Jasper offers shoppers nearly everything they need, from books to booze.
The Liquor Hut (wine, beer and liquor), Sunrise Galleries (local art prints and originals), Truffles and Trout (coffee shop), Marketplace Books (best-selling books in every category), and the Counterclockwise Emporium (unique gift shop) all lie under the marketplace's roof. There's also a postal outlet, currency exchange and photocopier service.

Address: 627 Patricia St Jasper AB T0E 1E0
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily
Telephone: +1 780 852 3152
Neighbourhood: Downtown



1. Author! Author! Bookstore

In a neighbourhood with no shortage of used bookstores, this popular shop is one of the best. In fact, Calgarians regularly vote Author! Author! Calgary's favourite used book seller. The selection of titles in all genres is impressive, over 50,000 titles in all, with most shelves stocked to the ceiling. There is a wide magazine section, including the ubiquitous yellow wall of National Geographic back issues. In addition to English titles, there is a small selection German and French books, and some secondhand sheet music. A short browse through this shop will surely yield a literary treasure or two.

Address: 223 10 St NW Calgary AB T2N 1V5
Opening hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sat; 11am-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 283 9521
Neighbourhood: Kensington
Email: author@netway.com

2. Best Little Wordhouse In the West (The)

The colorful facade of this shop stands out amongst the mostly drab buildings that surround it, inviting shoppers into the well-organized used bookstore within. With a selection comparable to that of large chain stores, its books are in good condition and cataloged precisely, making it easy to find titles. It carries fiction, non-fiction, and some specialty titles. The prices are reasonable, most books priced at half what they would be new.

Address: 911 17th Ave SW Calgary AB T2T 0A4
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Fri; 10am-5:30pm Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 245 6407
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail
Email: tucker1@cadvision.com

3. Fair's Fair

Buy your books the best way possible: second-hand. Fair's Fair is quality used books from wall to wall—and you can also sell or trade used books of your own. The books are displayed in easy-to-find categories and there is everything from New Age to Canadiana. If you can't find what you are looking for, they will write down the title you are interested in and let you know if it comes in. A real plus is the fact that you can re-trade your book once you have read it.

Address: 1609 14 St SW Calgary AB T3C 1E4
Opening hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sat; 11am-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 245 2778
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail
URL: http://www.fairsfair.com
Email: fairsfair@home.com

4. Hot Wax

It is an experience just to walk into the tiny hole-in-the-wall shop and stroll through the decades of vintage rock paraphernalia adorning every flat surface. The selection of used and unusual vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, and even 8 track cassettes is incredible. It is difficult to distinguish between veteran customers and staff, as both share a great enthusiasm for the music and know exactly where to find the rarest recordings. As most of the stock is second-hand, prices are cheap, ranging from CAD5-10 for a CD, and CAD3 for vinyl.

Address: 114 10 St NW Calgary AB T2N 1V3
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Thu, Sat; 10am-8:30pm Fri; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 403 238 0055
Neighbourhood: Kensington

5. Shakespeare's Shelf Books

The relaxed atmosphere of this shop invites patrons to browse through the fascinating collection of new and well-aged books. The focus here is on antiquarian volumes for collectors and scholars, classic fiction, and books on history and current global problems. Music plays quietly in the background, and large, comfortable chairs are provided for readers who wish to thoroughly peruse a selection.

Address: #201 1019 17th Ave SW Calgary AB T2T 0A4
Opening hours: Noon-5pm Sun-Mon; 10am-6pm Wed-Fri; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 245 2440
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail

6. Wee Book Inn

This small used bookstore is one of the many that populate the Kensington shopping district. If you are looking for general fiction and nonfiction there are better selections down the street, but this bookseller is well-stocked with genre fiction titles: westerns, science fiction, romance, and espionage. For what its worth, there is also a huge rack of used adult magazines—and an accompanying sign restricting browsing to 15 minutes. Wee Book Inn will buy and trade used books, and is open late.

Address: 1111 Kensington Road NW Calgary AB T2N 3P2
Opening hours: 9am-midnight daily
Telephone: +1 403 283 3322
Neighbourhood: Kensington

7. Better On You

A huge collection of second hand clothing for men and women, all in excellent condition. Some of the prices are absolutely rock bottom and there is a big clearance rack at the front of the store where you might find a bargain on the right day. Some of the things available include men's and women's shoes, bags, hats and jewelry. You will find clothing for just about any occasion, including eveningwear.
At the back of the shop there are change rooms and a floor to ceiling mirror so you can try before you buy. The store is owned and operated by Maggie Lam and is a good place to stop if you are a second-hand clothes shopping buff.

Address: 1222 8 ST SW Calgary Alberta T2R 1A9
Opening hours: 10:30-6pm Mon-Wed; 10:30am-7pm Thu; 10:30am-6pm Fri; 10:30am-5pm Sat; noon-4pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 228 9685
Neighbourhood: Downtown/ Eau Claire

8. Polka Dots and Moonbeams

This eclectic collection of classic and vintage clothing is more like a museum, spanning the decades of fashion from the early 1800s right up to the 1980s. Tucked in amongst beige melamine-paneled TVs from 1950 and leopard-print leotards from 1984 is an impressive assortment of business suits, footwear, and accessories like handbags and fur boas. Most of it is either painfully out of style, or just coming back in for a second time. It would be difficult to find a more comprehensive source of fringe fashion and historical clothing in the city.

Address: 1227 9th Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 0T1
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri; 11am-5pm Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 262 0041
Neighbourhood: Inglewood

9. Think Twice

This is one of those cool little stores where you can find all kinds of great collectibles from clothes to jewelry. And you'll want to come back.
It's located in Marda Loop, which is about 7 minutes from downtown and three blocks east of Crowchild Trail. There are a number of antique picture frames that are reasonably priced as well as some artwork by local artists. You'll also find both contemporary and gently used vintage clothing, and some great accessories like belts, hats and handbags.
The sales people and service is low-key and casual and they welcome browsers. They do accept consignment items and you can call to make an appointment at 686-3251.

Address: 2133 - 33rd Avenue SW Calgary Alberta T2T 1Z7
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +1 403 686 3251
Neighbourhood: Outlying Areas

10. Vespucci

You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality available in this well-laid-out ladies consignment boutique. You will discover a range of second hand and sample items for just about anyone. Offerings run the gamut from jewelry, bags and belts to some great shoes and even a few stray pairs of cowboy boots. The clothing is arranged by color and category, and each item has the size clearly marked for convenience. Everything, from eveningwear to casual and business attire, is all in top condition and at bargain prices.

Address: 810 16 Ave SW Calgary AB T2R 0S9
Opening hours: 6am-11pm Mon-Thu, 6am-midnight Fri, 9am-midnight Sat, 9am-11pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 228 5166
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail

11. Retroville

If you crave classic memorabilia that hails from the early fifties up to the mid sixties, chances are you'll find some gems hidden in glitzy Retroville. Up the shiny checker steel stairs from the street lies an attic frozen in the middle of the 20th century. Among the nifty goods or sale are Bermuda shorts, vintage Cadillac merchandise, and classic sixties swinger fashions, all of which are guaranteed authentic.

Address: 332 10 St NW Calgary AB T2N 1V8
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Fri; noon-6pm Sat
Telephone: +1 403 283 5771
Neighbourhood: Kensington

12. Amos and Andes Imports

If you're looking for a thick sweater to combat the chill of a Calgary winter, this shop is the place to go. Although the eclectic boutique imports clothing and art from around the world, its best product is the handmade wool sweaters stacked at the back. The warm creations are spun from a variety of wools, then hand-dyed and knit into dozens of patterns, including the classic Mexican Eagle, Maple Leaf, Peruvian and Scandinavian designs.The painted ceremonial masks hanging on the walls, or the twisting, Celtic-inspired candleholders are sure to capture your interest.

Address: 200 Barklay Parade SW Eau Claire Market Calgary AB T2P 4P5
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Thu, Sat; 10am-9pm Fri; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 262 9022
Neighbourhood: Downtown/ Eau Claire

13. Aurora's Romance

As soon as you descend the stairs from the street onto the sales, you will be struck by the fascinating collection of antique furniture and clothing. From 200-pound brass vases to velvet children's dining sets to Victorian fur coats, every corner of this store contains a fascinating relic. Aurora is usually in, and she can describe the history behind every piece of merchandise from when it was made until it made its way to her shop. Even if you don't plan on purchasing a 200-year-old wicker throne or a late 1800s gown, just strolling through centuries of fashion and furniture is almost as good as a visit to a museum with your own personal guide.

Address: 1301 17th Street SW Calgary Alberta T2T 0C4
Opening hours: 11am-5pm Mon- Sat
Telephone: +1 403 244 2511
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail

14. Pharaoh's Gallery

Operated by the creators of Son of The Pharaoh, this shop deals in unusual and interesting items from Egyptian history. Tucked away in a downstairs corner of Eau Claire Market, the tiny shop is jammed with authentic pieces of Egyptian culture, many of which are imported directly by the shop's owners. Catering more to the Egypt enthusiast than the curious tourist, the obscure merchandise often requires an explanation from the clerk for casual visitors to understand what they are looking at.

Address: 200 Barclay Parade SW Eau Claire Market Calgary AB T2P 4R5
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Thu, Sat; 10am-9pm Fri; noon-5:30pm Sun
Telephone: +1 403 265 5152
Neighbourhood: Downtown/ Eau Claire
Email: pyramids@home.com

15. Traders of the Lost Art

This store specializes in architectural ornamentation and all of its antiques can be incorporated into the designs of today's buildings. From Roman and Greek-style carved stone pillars to solid oaken doors and chests from early Canadian pioneer days, the pieces convey a clear picture of design history. Renovators, builders, and collectors can find charming old versions of doors, mantels, lighting fixtures, and iron work. Although the antiques are clean and well presented, most bear the unmistakable chips and dents of their past owners, and carry the unmistakable weight of years past.

Address: 1301 17th St SW Calgary AB T2T 0C4
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Tue-Sat
Telephone: +1 403 229 0234
Neighbourhood: 16th/17th Ave/Edmonton Trail

16. Whatever Works

The two lovely young ladies who created this gift store would definitely describe it as different. The shop space is small, but they keep it full to the brim with gift ideas and more. Check out the fountains, artwork and ironworks, as well as items of furniture and antiques. There are also some collectibles. The store is fresh and upbeat and is proudly Canadian owned. Located at the eastern end of 9th Avenue in quaint Inglewood, it is one of the multiplying number of exclusive stores in this area.

Address: 1428 9 Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 0T5
Opening hours: 11am-5pm Tue-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat, noon-5pm Sun, closed Mon
Telephone: +1 403 264 9246
Neighbourhood: Inglewood

17. Cowboy Collection

Cowboy Collection has the usual mix of Western paintings, drawings and artwork. There is also the expected range of wind chimes and accessories with cattle, horses and other Western themes. But the really cool treasures belong in the home décor section. Here you'll find great wooden rocking chairs with hand painted designs, and beautiful hand made doilies and throw pillows. The prices here are reasonable and although most of the items are upscale, they offer a nice down-home feel.

Address: 7810 Macleod Trail Calgary AB T2H 0L9
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Tue-Fri; 9am-5pm Sat; closed Sun-Mon
Telephone: +1 403 258 3820
Neighbourhood: Macleod/ Chinook



1. Boutique de Noël

The magic of Christmas is on display every day at this Old Quebec boutique. Located across from the Notre-Dame-de Québec Basilica, not far from the Château Frontenac, this store attracts passersby like a red and green magnet. The shop has an incredible selection of fine Christmas ornaments, cards, crèches, and decorations. From fabric to crystal and from Disney to Coca-cola, the Boutique de Noël has every imaginable ornament for your Christmas tree. Although everything is pricey, a peek inside is worth it—a bit of magic never hurts.

Address: 47 de Buade St (near Ste-Famille) Quebec QC G1R 4A2
Opening hours: Summer: 9am-11pm daily; Winter: 9:30am-6pm daily
Telephone: +1 418 692 2457
Neighbourhood: Old Quebec

2. Excalibor

This two-story boutique on St-Jean Street is always very popular with tourists as well as locals because it is one of the few clothing stores that specializes in medieval-style clothing and accessories. Although you may not opt for the complete knight's armour suit, you can buy a period shirt or vest to add a special touch to an existing outfit. Excalibor also carries a great selections of swords, gargoyles, jewelry, books, masks, and hats that can give your home that 11th-century feel.

Address: 1055 St-Jean St (near Ste-Angèle) Quebec QC G1R 1S2
Opening hours: Summer: 10am-9pm daily; Winter: 10am-6pm Mon-Wed, 10am-9pm Thu-Fri, 10am-5pm Sat & Sun
Telephone: +1 418 692 5959
Neighbourhood: Old Quebec

3. Magasin Généreal L.P. Blouin

This store is pleasantly similar to a trading post in the early days of the Quebec colony. Traditional folk music provides the atmosphere, while fascinated visitors take a stroll through the chequered shirts, fur hats, native leather and suede clothing, and other traditional Quebec garb. A wide selection of maple products is also offered, along with wooden spoons, homemade soaps and folk music CDs. L.P. Blouin also sells collectibles like miniature trains, miniature cars and posters.

Address: 1196 St-Jean St (Near Côte de la Fabrique) Quebec QC G1R 1S7
Opening hours: 8:30am-6:30pm Sun, Wed; 8:30am-9:30pm Thu-Sat
Telephone: +1 418 694 9345
Neighbourhood: Old Quebec


1. Bonsecours Market

Located in the cultural and tourism heart of Old Montreal, this neo-classic building dates from the mid-18th century. It has been home to a city hall, a reception centre, and public markets. In fact, following an 1849 fire in the Parliament Building, it became the seat of the United Canada Government. Today, following two restorations, the silver-domed building is used as an exhibition hall. It teems with sidewalk cafes, boutiques, souvenir shops and fine arts galleries. You will find everything from maps to fashion accessories and native art. Admission is free.

Address: 350 St-Paul St E (Near Place Jacques-Cartier) Montreal QC H2Y 1H2
Opening hours: Jan 1-Mar 31: 10am-6pm daily; Apr 1-Jun 23, Labour Day-Dec 31: 10am-6pm Sat-Wed, 10am-9pm Thu-Fri; Jun 24-Labour Day: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 514 872 7730
Neighbourhood: Old Montreal
Nearest train: Champ-de-Mars
URL: http://www.marchebonsecours.qc.ca/


1. Beatnick Records

Retro rules the day at this landmark used record shop on St-Denis Street. The window display is promising enough, with its collage of 1960s and '70s icons and, most impressively, a mint-condition Robie Jr robot. Inside you will find an awesome collection of more than 15,000 CD and vinyl titles, a knowledgeable staff and innumerable kitschy artifacts. Specialties include soul and techno, but Beatnick really impresses with its unpredictable stock of nostalgic French-language oddities. It is popular among serious collectors and DJs, so dabblers be warned: it isn't cheap. Cash only.

Address: 3770 St-Denis St (Near des Pins) Montreal QC H2W 2M1
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Tue-Wed, Sat, 11am-9pm Thu-Fri, noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 514 842 0664
Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal
Nearest train: Sherbrooke
URL: http://www.beatnickmusic.com/
Email: nick@beatnickmusic.com

2. Cheap Thrills

Montreal's first used record outlet is in many ways still the best. Poky, musty and full of great finds in both the CD and book departments, it's a source of great, unexpected treasures. Though it offers a fairly impressive selection of used rock, R&B, classical and world music, the shop really shines in its assortment of jazz, blues, electronica and other experimental genres. You can check out the catalogue online, or consult the extremely knowledgeable staff, who will be glad to let you have a listen to your prospective purchases.

Address: 2044 Metcalfe St (Near Sherbrooke) Montreal QC H3A 1X8
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Thu, 11am-9pm Fri & Sat
Telephone: +1 514 844 8988
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: McGill
URL: http://www.cheapthrills.ca/
Email: info@cheapthrills.ca

3. Pick-Up (le)

Probably your best choice for used vinyl and CD esoterica, this little dive is full of titles you will not find anywhere else. Denis, the proprietor, specializes in Quebecois material from the '60s to the present day, from folk songs to the cheesiest '70s rock. Progressive rock and psychedelia are also in good supply, and American collectors will find many rare Canadian editions at comparatively good prices. The store is fairly choosy about what it buys, but those with unusual collections would do well to investigate. Cash and bank cards only.

Address: 4383 St-Denis St (Near Mont-Royal) Montreal QC H2J 2L2
Opening hours: Noon-6pm Sat-Wed, noon-9pm Thu-Fri
Telephone: +1 514 287 9484
Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal
Nearest train: Mont-Royal

4. Rayon Laser

This is one of the city's hippest purveyors of used CDs, specializing in rock, pop, electronica and world music. The staff are quite finicky about what they buy, which explains the limited, high-quality selection. Call ahead if you want to sell, as they only buy at specific times. They also have a huge catalogue of music available to rent, and the posters at the entrance are a great place to find out about the local music scene and upcoming concerts.

Address: 3656 St-Laurent Blvd (Near Prince Arthur) Montreal QC H2X 2V4
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Mon-Wed, Sat, 11am-9pm Thu-Fri, noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 514 848 6300
Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal
Nearest train: Shebrooke

5. S.W. Welch

With over 20,000 titles to choose from, it's a good bet that you'll find what you're looking for in a used or antiquarian book at this venerable establishment. Most items sell for under CAD10, but rare titles will set you back a few thousand dollars. The store offers a good selection of science fiction and mystery, but few best sellers or romance novels. A couch is provided for your reading enjoyment. Those looking for hard-to-find titles would do well to consult the knowledgeable and helpful staff here.

Address: 3878 St-Laurent Blvd (Near Duluth) Montreal QC H2W 1Y2
Opening hours: 11am-8pm Sun-Wed, 11am-10pm Thu-Sat
Telephone: +1 514 848 9358
Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal
Nearest train: Sherbrooke
URL: http://www.swwelch.com/
Email: info@swwelch.com

6. Word (The)

This legendary used bookstore specializes in the classics and the humanities, and also has a large drama and poetry selection. Thanks to its location, close to McGill University, it stocks up on used text books at the beginning of the school year. Paperbacks sell for CAD2-10 and hard covers for about CAD6-50. The store also sells new editions of local writers, and its poetry selection is unsurpassed in the city. Only cash and cheques are accepted.

Address: 469 Milton St (Near Hutchison) Montreal QC H2X 1W3
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Wed, 10am-9pm Thu-Fri, 11am-6pm Sat
Telephone: +1 514 845 5640
Neighbourhood: Downtown East
Nearest train: McGill

Ниагарский водопад


1. Olde Country Antiques

This family-run business, located north of the Falls and close to Greyhound Canada bus terminal, has been dealing antiques for over 30 years. In stock is an extraordinary selection of furniture, dolls, jewelry and more. The antiques, some dating back several hundred years, are in top condition. Prices are negotiable. Open regular hours Thu-Sun, it's by appointment only Mon-Wed.
Nearby attractions include Great Gorge Adventure, Niagara Spanish Aero Car, the Whirlpool Golf Course, and Butterfly Conservatory.

Address: 4604 Erie Avenue At Park Street Niagara Falls ON L2E 3N4
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Thu-Sun
Telephone: +1 905 356 5523
Neighbourhood: Riverside, Canadian
Email: tych@mergetel.com



1. Yardley's Antiques

You name it and this Ottawa South antique store likely has it. Whether you're looking for that one-of-a-kind, six-foot stand-up alien lamp or a neon sign, you are sure to come across it as you browse through this cluttered but fascinating store. Located just 10 minutes south of Parliament Hill on Bank Street, this antique emporium is an ideal getaway on a rainy afternoon. You can spend an hour or an afternoon searching through rows of stained-glass lampshades, pine furnishings, jewellery and other assorted knickknacks. You'll never know what you'll find around the next aisle.

Address: 1240 Bank St Ottawa ON K1S 3Y3
Opening hours: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 613 739 9580
Neighbourhood: The Glebe

2. Logan Antiques

Located along antique row in South Ottawa, this quaint shop specializes in estate jewellery, china, silverware, cameos, artistic pottery and glass. With an inventory of over 1,000 pieces, there is bound to be something within the store's many glass showcases to catch the discerning eye. To get to antique heaven take a short bus ride south along Bank Street or grab a cab. The shop is located just 10 minutes from Parliament Hill.

Address: 1097 Bank St (At Sunnyside) Ottawa ON K1S 3X4
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm daily
Telephone: +1 613 730 8943
Neighbourhood: The Glebe


1. Plantation (The)

If you're into antiques and collectibles, this is the place to be. From hard-to-find pieces of rare china, to heirloom jewellery, you'll find it here in the heart of Mirvish Village. A word of caution to the unprepared shopper, the Plantation often buys collections from entire estates. So, if you're looking for something specific, you'll have to wade through the rest. But there are rewards for taking your time. Bargains? Try your best to haggle, look very innocent and you may very well walk away with a good deal!

Address: 608 Markham St (at Bloor Street West) Toronto ON M6G 2L8
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Wed-Sat
Telephone: +1 416 533 6466
Neighbourhood: The Annex
Nearest train: Bathurst

2. The One of a Kind Show and Sale

Running twice a year--once in March and again in late November and early December--at Exhibition Place, the One of a Kind Show features the works of more than 650 Canadian artisans. Crafts, fashion and fine art sales and shows are featured, complemented by exhibits, competitions and gallery displays. The November-December Christmas show, in particular, attracts those looking for unique holiday gifts. Admission: CAD9 Adult, CAD6.50 Senior/Youth; free for 12 and under.

Address: 21 Grenville St (National Trade Centre at Exhibition Place) Toronto ON M4Y 1A1
Opening hours: 10am-10pm Mon-Sat; 10am-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 416 960 3680
Neighbourhood: Exhibition Place
Nearest train: Bathurst: then 511 streetcar
URL: http://www.oneofakindshow.com/
Email: info@oneofakindshow.com

3. Harbourfront Antique Market (The)

Touted as Canada's largest permanent antique outlet, this Harbourfront landmark features more than 100 dealers, with another 100 or so spreading out-of-doors every Sunday from May to September. You'll find collectibles like 1930s Fiesta Ware and Majolica china, or that special piece of furniture. This is also a favourite place to play "Spot the Celebrity," as stars such as Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg and Goldie Hawn have been known to wander about when they're in town. You can also grab a bite at the second-floor Sophie's Cafe.

Address: 390 Queens Quay W (At Spadina) Toronto ON M5V 3A6
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun
Telephone: +1 416 260 2626; +1 888 263 6533
Neighbourhood: Harbourfront
Nearest train: Union
URL: http://www.hfam.com/
Email: antiques@hfam.com


1. Open City

Located on the Danforth between Greenwood and Coxwell subway stations, this is a used book, CD and LP store. Encompassing two floors of best sellers and non-sellers, top-ten music and one-hit wonders, this store has an indoor flea market appeal. All LPs and CDs are inspected for quality and come with a three-day exchange guarantee. The chance of grabbing a timeless classic or that special song keeps patrons hunting through rows and rows of memories past. Cash only.

Address: 1374 Danforth Ave (At Gillard) Toronto ON M4J 1M9
Opening hours: 11am-8pm Mon-Fri, 11am-6pm Sat, noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 416 461 8087
Neighbourhood: The Danforth
Nearest train: Greenwood

2. Steve's Music Store

This music store, located in the Queen Street West area has come a long way since it first opened its doors in a seedy part of Montreal in 1965. Today, the Toronto store is massive and there's also a third store in Ottawa. There's no great secret to its success: the ability to provide musicians—both amateur and professional—with the musical equipment they demand. The store also sports a sheet music section, public address systems, and equipment rentals.

Address: 415 Queen St W (Near Spadina) Toronto ON M5V 2A5
Opening hours: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Wed, 9:30am-9pm Thu-Fri, 9:30am-5pm Sat
Telephone: +1 416 593 8888
Neighbourhood: Queen West
Nearest train: Osgoode
URL: http://www.stevesmusic.com/
Email: support@stevesmusic.com

3. Clothing Show

Everything from fabulous vintage clothing, costume jewellery and blankets to antique lace and shoes can all be found under one roof at Toronto's Clothing Show. Over 130 clothing dealers, stores and film wardrobe houses congregate to offer savvy shoppers unique pieces, new trend-setting clothes and relics from the last century. Looking for that rare vinyl LP, or how about an old Vanity Fair magazine from the 1940s? Chances that you'll find elusive treasures at this all-encompassing show. Admission: CAD8 adults; CAD4 seniors.

Address: 100 Princes' Blvd (Automotive Building) Toronto ON M6K 3C3
Opening hours: 11am-6pm Sat-Sun
Telephone: +1 416 657 2156
Neighbourhood: Exhibition Place
Nearest train: Bathurst
URL: http://www.theclothingshow.com/
Email: info@theclothingshow.com

4. Decorum

Although this store is just a few steps away from antique dealer RG Perkins and Son, the merchandise here is worlds away. While Perkins deals primarily with Canadiana, this shop handles mostly European antiques. The stock constantly changes, but there always seems to be an excellent selection of china, cutlery, glassware, fine art and furniture. They've recently opened up a third level featuring Art Deco pieces and lighting fixtures. The staff is knowledgeable about the goods on hand. Don't forget to check out the basement for some more hidden treasures!

Address: 1210 Yonge St (At Shaftesbury) Toronto ON M4T 1W1
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Telephone: +1 416 966 6829
Neighbourhood: Rosedale
Nearest train: Summerhill

5. RG Perkins and Son Antiques

For collectors who want to take home a piece of old Canadiana, this is the place to be. Located in the Yonge and Summerhill area of Rosedale, this shop has a great selection from the 19th century, primarily from Quebec and Ontario. The pieces are most often practical, including shoes, farm implements and household items. For those with antique tastes but Ikea wallets, the shop also makes reproduction furniture and custom-designed pieces which can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Address: 1198 Yonge St (At Birch) Toronto ON M4T 1W1
Opening hours: 10:30am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10:30am-5pm Sat
Telephone: +1 416 925 0973; +1 888 475 5868
Neighbourhood: Rosedale
Nearest train: Summerhill
URL: http://www.perkinsantiques.com/
Email: perkins.group@sympatico.ca


1. Strathcona Antique Mall

Old Strathcona is one of the most atmospheric districts of Edmonton with a classic range of shops and restaurants; you'll find it just south of downtown near the University of Alberta. The Strathcona Antique Mall offers free parking and a complimentary coffee, not to mention the opportunity to browse the wares from over 160 antique and collectible dealers. You never know what treasures you will find from one day to the next.

Address: 7614 103rd St Edmonton AB T6E 4Z8
Opening hours: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Thu, Sat; 9:30am-8pm Fri; 10am-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 433 0398
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University


1. Bjarne's Books

Located near the University of Alberta and south of Edmonton's downtown district, Bjarne's Books has been specializing in antiquarian books for over 20 years. Subjects include catalogues (Arctic-Western-Fur Trade-Yukon, etc.), antique photographs of Canada, antiquarian books, Western Canada, literature (Newfoundland-Labrador-Yukon), military, travel and worldwide exploration, and Arctic exploration and history. Bjarne's issues four catalogues every year describing rare and out of print titles. Books are available by mail order or make an appointment to browse.

Address: 10533 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 2A3
Opening hours: By appointment
Telephone: +1 780 469 3157
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University
Email: bjarnesbooks@powersurfr.com

2. Blackbyrd Myoosik

If you are looking for that special record of yesteryear, then there is a good chance you will find it here. There is also a large inventory of electronica, insurgent country, punk, alt rock, post-modern movements and jazz, all in your chosen format. You can also buy advance tickets for gigs in and around the town.
Blackbyrd Myoosik is located south and over the river from Edmonton's downtown district not far from the University of Alberta.

Address: 10442 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 2A2
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat; noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 439 1273
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

3. Clea's Bookshop

Fronting onto Edmonton's fashionable Jasper Avenue, with private parking around the back, Clea's Bookshop carries a full range of self-help, holistic, and metaphysics titles. You'll also find a full range of general book titles, magazines, and a range of gifts. Alternatively, if you want a reading of a different nature, book a tarot or palm reading in-store or by telephone. On the other hand, perhaps numerology is for you?

Address: 11217 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T5K 0L5
Opening hours: 10:30am-5:30pm Mon-Fri; noon-5pm Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 453 2663
Neighbourhood: North/North-Central
Nearest train: Corona

4. Derek Frost Books

Secondhand bookshops can be fascinating for a leisurely browse or vital for that special research project; you never know what you may turn up. Derek Frost Books is located southwest of Edmonton's downtown district not far from the University of Alberta. Derek specializes in all types of military books, hobbies, antiques, gun shows, automobiles, the arts, and fashion. You may order a title in advance or browse the stock but only by prior appointment.

Address: 4335 115th St Edmonton AB T6J 1P5
Opening hours: By appointment
Telephone: +1 780 436 3743
Neighbourhood: South/South-Central
Email: dfrost@v-wave.com

5. Edmonton Bookstore

Located just south of the University of Alberta, the Edmonton Bookstore will, for a Can $5 fee, conduct a search over three months for the title that you are looking for. The shop specializes in quality second hand and out of print books, particularly history, biography, art, poetry, plays, cookbooks, and Canadiana. If you cannot get to the store, you can organize your search via post, e-mail or an online order form.

Address: 11216 76th Ave Edmonton AB T6G 0K1
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 433 1781
Neighbourhood: University
Nearest train: University
URL: http://www.EdmontonBookStore.com
Email: bookmail@edmontonbookstore.com

6. Gramophone (The)

If classical music is your bag, then check out The Gramophone. Bryan Taylor, the manager of the store, plays in the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and has decades of experience. There is a wide selection of classical music and stereo music systems on display; the store also operates a home set up service. In-store you can relax in the listening and video room, or maybe watch a movie on DVD. The shop is located on the south side of the river, near the top of the High Level Bridge.

Address: 8724 109th St Edmonton AB T6G 1E9
Opening hours: 10am-5:30pm Mon-Wed; 10am-6pm Fri; 10am-5:30pm Sat; noon-4pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 428 2356
Neighbourhood: University
Nearest train: Kingsway

7. Southside Sound

Southside Sound is located south of Edmonton's downtown district and excels in selling music that many other stores overlook. If you are into roots music such as alternative rock, blues, old-time and insurgent country, bluegrass, jazz, and classic folk, then this is the store for you. The largest section is by far the alternative rock section, with new titles coming in every week; the store also deals in used CDs.

Address: 10363 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 1Z9
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 432 7503
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

8. Wee Book Inn Enterprises Ltd

While most of this downtown bookstore's expansive and interesting inventory consists of mainly second-hand paperbacks on virtually every subject and genre, there is also a selection of rare collectors books available, some of which may be specially signed by royalty. Wee Book Inn Enterprises also stocks a wide variety of videos, CDs and DVDs. Second hand textbooks are also available, usually at half the price of a new one.

Address: 10428 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T5J 1Z3
Opening hours: 9am-midnight daily
Telephone: +1 780 423 1434
Neighbourhood: Downtown

9. William H. Thomas Fine Books Ltd

William H. Thomas Fine Books will help you find the books you are looking for; searches are conducted free of charge. Open by appointment only, the shop specializes in first edition literature, western Canadiana, history, antiquarian maps, art, exploration, and ephemera and engravings. There is also a fine selection of antique maps. If the book is out of print or rare, there is a good chance that it can be found for you here.

Address: Suite 305 10235 124th St Edmonton AB T5N 1P9
Opening hours: By appointment
Telephone: +1 780 488 7607
Neighbourhood: North/North-Central
Nearest train: Corona
Email: whtfinerarebooks@compusmart.ab.ca

10. Dress to Suit Boutique Ltd

If you need to look good for less, Dress to Suit Boutique located in the heart of Edmonton's downtown district say they can sell you a top brand for up to a third less then you would expect. Many top quality items are described as gently used; you can rent formal wear, too. There is a good selection of suits from top designers Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Samuelsohn, and Versace, along with a wide range of quality casual clothes.

Address: 10141 100a St Edmonton AB T5J 0R5
Opening hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri; 10am-5pm Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 426 2172
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: Central
URL: http://www.dresstosuit.com/
Email: dresstosuit@dresstosuit.com

11. As Time Goes By

If you are interested in antique fine china, collectibles, art, and especially glassware from the depression era, then the wares of As Time Goes By will be a delight for you. If you are looking for that special piece to display in your home, this shop is well worth a look. The shop is located in the quaint Old Strathcona district of Edmonton, which is just to the east of the University of Alberta, and south of downtown.

Address: 10015 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T5N 0M4
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 432 7243
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

12. Grounds for Coffee Antique Shop & Cappuccino Bar

Located in the heart of Edmonton's downtown district and housed in an historic building, this is a popular haunt for antique hunters and coffee lovers alike. There is a large selection of antiques that will satisfy every collector, including fine china, art glass, vintage costume jewellery, primitive folk art, linens, and furniture. And when you have finished your shopping, you can visit the onsite cappuccino bar. What more could you want?

Address: 10247 97th St Edmonton AB T5J 0L9
Opening hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri; 10am-5pm Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 429 1920
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Nearest train: Churchill

13. Heaven & Earth Antiques

Heaven and Earth Antiques is on 118th Avenue, which runs east to west just to the north of Edmonton's downtown district. If you are into collectibles, then then this shop's wide range of interesting articles is sure to please. The selection includes art, glass, items from the orient, and many North American artefacts. The shop also has a good selection of antique furniture. If you are looking for a special gift or a treasure for your home, it is well worth a look.

Address: 12424 118th Ave Edmonton AB T5L 2K4
Opening hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat; closed Sun
Telephone: +1 780 482 5959
Neighbourhood: North/North-Central

14. Julie's Treasures

If you're an avid doll collector you'll find a whole range of collectible dolls, plates, and soft toys. Brands on sale include Ashton Drake and Nina. Julie's Treasures has two shops, one in the West Edmonton Mall, which is about a 20-minute drive of Edmonton's downtown district and another at #333, 2331 66th Street, on Edmonton's east side. Opening hours vary at the east end location so it's wise to check first.

Address: 1349 West Edmonton Mall Edmonton AB T5T 4M2
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat; noon-5pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 444 6629
Neighbourhood: West/West Central
Nearest train: Jasper Place

15. Junque Cellar (The)

Old Strathcona is a fascinating district, across the river to the south of Edmonton's downtown district. Along 82nd Avenue you will find, in a fascinating basement location, the Junque Cellar. You can find all sorts of treasures here, from 1930s furniture to modern imports from the Far East. If you are looking to furnish your home with style and have some fun doing it, then the cellar may be for you. There is also a fine selection of clothing and jewellery.

Address: 10442 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 2A2
Opening hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Wed; 10am-6pm Sat; noon-6pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 433 9963
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

16. Mildred's Collectibles & Antique Furniture

You'll find Mildred's Collectibles and Antique Furniture just to the south of Edmonton's downtown district. The shop specializes in fine furniture from the 1930's and before and has earned a reputation for being one of Edmonton's foremost antique shops over the last seven years. Apart form the wide range of furniture, you'll find several top quality collectible figures by Hummel, Royal Dalton, Lawery's of London, Pen Delfin, and many more.

Address: 6814 104th St Edmonton AB T6E 2L6
Opening hours: 10am - 6pm Tue, Wed & Fri; 10am - 8pm Thu; 10am - 5:30pm Sat; Noon - 4pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 438 0368
Neighbourhood: South/South-Central
Nearest train: University
URL: http://www.mildredsantiques.com
Email: mildreds@mildredsantiques.com

17. National Pride Coin & Stamp

If you have any interest at all in collecting stamps, coins, and paper money, you are in for a treat at this shop. There are examples from all around the planet as well as a fine range of antique pocket and wrist watches, rare pins and military medals, and postcards and sports cards, some of which are rare and autographed, a boon to any collection. You'll find National Pride Coin and Stamp just to the south of Edmonton's downtown district.

Address: 8005 104th St Edmonton AB T6E 4E3
Opening hours: 9:30am-6pm Tue-Fri; closed Sat-Mon
Telephone: +1 780 433 7288
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

18. Plato's Collectors Plates

If you're serious about your plate collection and have a view gaps to fill then you may just find what you want. There are limited edition plates, porcelain dolls, collector steins, music boxes, plate frames, hangers and quite a few fine limited edition prints. You'll find Plato's Collectors Plates just to the south of Edmonton's downtown district on Whyte Avenue, which runs into and is sometimes called 82nd.
Address: 10018 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 1Z3

Opening hours: 10am-5:30pm Tue-Wed; 10am-8pm Thu; 10am-5:30pm Sat; closed Sun-Mon
Telephone: +1 780 439 2717
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

19. The Plate Collection

Sherwood Park is a short drive to the east of Edmonton along a major highway. The Plate Collection has one of the largest collections of plates on display in Western Canada. If you're a plate collector you're going to be in plate heaven, browsing over the works of Ashton Drake, Hawthorne, Ardleigh Elliot, and Bradford Exchange. And, if you already have enough plates, there's always the selection of frames and accessories.

Address: 2016 Sherwood Drive Sherwood Park AB T8A 3X3
Opening hours: 10am-5:30 Mon-Wed; 10am-9pm Thu; 10am-5:30pm Sat; noon-4pm Sun
Telephone: +1 780 467 0008
Neighbourhood: Out of Town

21. Traveller Antiques

Traveller Antiques is located in Edmonton's Old Strathcona district, which is south of downtown and near the University of Alberta. The shop has a fine reputation for 20th century antiques and architectural items, especially stained glass. However, if you are interested in something a wee bit older, like 2000 years perhaps, then you will find a selection of Roman and Egyptian artifacts dating from well before the birth of Christ.

Address: 10533 82nd Ave Edmonton AB T6E 2A3
Opening hours: 10:30am-5pm Tue-Sat; noon-5pm Sun; closed Mon
Telephone: +1 780 433 8627
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
Nearest train: University

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