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1. Mercado Central de San José
This market was inaugurated in 1880 as the first municipal market of the country, and since then it has been a place where you can view the traditional life of San José from a cultural and historical point of view. Here you will find the most varied natural products, fruits, medicinal herbs, vegetables and crafts, as well as home furnishing sellers, fish markets and butchers. This has been considered a historical landmark since 1995.
Outside, street hawkers call out their wares sold from brightly colored barrows. Pickpockets thrive in crowded places—watch your valuables. Closed Sunday.
Avenidas Central y 1, Calles 6 y 8, (M. S. J. PO Box 5102-1000), San José, 1000
+ 506 222 4655
6:30a-6:30p M-Sa

2. Mercado Borbón
It is always interesting visiting the Central American markets, as much for their pictureque atmosphere as for the goods on sale. Here, you can eat at one of the inexpensive traditional diners, or browse for crafts, electrical goods, clothes and more. The people of San José are open minded and friendly and you will surely find yourself engaged in conversation by the merchants. The area is safe, but take care of your valuables nonetheless.

9a-7p M-F
Avenida 3, Calle 8
San José
+506 225 7027


1. Mora Books
If English is your native language, you will be happy at this bookstore. There is a large selection of new and used books of every type, including travel books. One can also find international newspapers here, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post. You can exchange your old books for new ones or choose from a wide variety. Additionally, there are a certain number of books in other languages.

9a-6p M-F
Avenida 1, Calles 3/5
San José

+ 506 255 4136

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