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1. Santa Barbara de Proa
In North Bogota, in the stylish Santa Barbara neighborhood, lies this fascinating market offering antique and quality reproduction of objects d'art. Upon investigation it becomes evident that a maritime theme is particularly popular, but a great variety is on offer. Santa Barbara de Proa is a great place to visit, but prices can be a little expensive.
Address: Calle 125 No. 31-21 Bogotá
Opening hours: 10am-4pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +57 1 2144464
Neighbourhood: North / Unicentro

2. Toldos de San Pelayo
This street market, in the heart of the old Usquen neighbourhood in North Bogota, is both casual and elegant. Shoppers stroll around and take some time to browse the array of goods, particularly antiques, for sale. It is possibly the most attractive market in the city, and people often go just to look (it can be quite expensive; haggling is encouraged).
Many Bogotans come here to eat and drink in the area's various cafés, but always take care to watch their money and personal belongings.
Address: Carrera 6 entre calles 116 y 120 Bogotá
Opening hours: 9am-5.30pm Sun
Neighbourhood: North / Santa Barbara

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