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1. Exposición Artesanal del Parque El Ejido
Without a doubt the most popular park in Quito is the Parque El Ejido. Every Saturday and Sunday, from very early in the morning, artists and craftspeople from every corner of the country, meet in the surroundings of the historic arch, on the edge of the park, to display a variety of different products reflecting their creativity and talent. Normally the items on offer here include paintings, silverware, crafts, clothes, sculptures, music and even the popular tattoos, all at affordable prices. Tourists often visit this park and even though there are no translators around, vendors manage to demonstrate their products and prices.
Address: Avenida Patria y 6 de Diciembre Quito Pichincha
Opening hours: 9am-6pm Sat-Sun
Telephone: Not applicable
Neighbourhood: 4422

2. Mercado Municipal de Santa Clara
Just recently restored, this is a very popular market place in Quito. It is surrounded by small grocery shops, administrative offices and furniture stores where small manufacturers have the opportunity to sell their products. It has the advantage of good transportation, because seventy percent of the bus routes that travel to the southside pass by this place. You can find wicker furniture and crafts, ceramic flower planters, and a magnificent restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local dishes. Definitely, a place to suit all tastes.
Address: Avenida Versalles y Marchena esquina Quito Pichincha
Opening hours: 9am-6pm daily
Neighbourhood: 4445

3. Mercado de Pulgas Ipiales
This popular market in the historical center of the city offers a shopping alternative that is within everyone's reach. Many of the big shopping centers on the north side are stocked with merchandise that has come from the popular 'Ipiales'. This flea market is located on a long street with access to parking. It is visited by a huge amount of people everyday, as all kinds of goods can be found here, from a simple needle to industrial machinery. However, the clothing and shoe stores are the busiest. The low prices are one of the main attractions and you can even find items at half their normal price.
Address: Calle Chile entre Imbabura y Benalcazar Quito Pichincha
Opening hours: 8am-7pm daily
Neighbourhood: 4438


1. Antigüedades Amazonas
Right in the heart of the financial district, near Avenida Amazonas and Avenida Patria, this antique shop awaits you with an extensive range of exclusive pieces of colonial and European furniture and sculpture. This shop has everything you need to furnish and decorate your place in a discreet, conservative style, with a subtle, nostalgic charm. The sculptures are mostly representative of the Quito school, acknowledged as one of the most creative periods for Ecuadorian art, and there are also other collectors' items such as French mirrors, Italian plaster mouldings, an imperial sofa, or a rustic niche from San Francisco that will surely delight you.
Address: 18 de Septiembre y Juan León Mera, esquina Planta Baja Quito Pichincha
Opening hours: 9am-1pm; 3-7pm Mon-Fri
Telephone: +593 2 547 924
Neighbourhood: 4422

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