1. Feria de Alacitas
The Feria Internacional de Alacitas (International Miniature Objects Fair) takes place every May in the beach town of Jess. Artisans come from Bolivia, Puno, Juliaca and Arequipa for this long tradition, which extends itself throughout the southern Andes. It is based upon the offering a miniature-sized token of a requested favor (favor) to a saint for its granting. Another manifestation of this custom is to purchase a miniature replica of the object of desire for its granting within the year. Faith is what makes it be willed on earth as it is in Heaven. The favor or object of desire is conceded depending wholly upon this faith. So it has been traditionally. Thus, small (2 to 15 centimeters) delicate tokens of all sorts of affections are liberally peddled: houses, vehicles, televisions, even airplanes and computers can be scooped up in the palm, along with miniature replicas of property titles, passports, driver's licenses and local and foreign currency.
Address: Balneario de Jesús Arequipa
Opening hours: TBA
Telephone: N/A
Neighbourhood: Otras Provincias


1. Artisan's Market--Mercado de Artesanía
Attracting both locals and tourists, this lively shopping destination presently houses 100 individual stalls. Each artisan built his or her own display booth. Wares include a rich variety of hand-crafted items from all regions of Peru. There are Inca rugs, ceramic pieces, ponchos, Andean sweaters and musical instruments particular to various regions of the country. Walk the whole market to comparison shop and then go back to that booths that attract you most. It is customary to bargain prices with the vendors.
Address: Avenida Petit Thouars 5321 Lima 18
Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily
Telephone: +51 1 242 9439
Neighbourhood: Miraflores

2. Christmas Celebrations
Christmas in Peru isnt just celebrated on December 25. The festivities start during the first week of December with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and continue until the first week of January, when the arrival of the Three Wise Men is commemorated. Peruvians celebrate Christmas Day in their homes with a traditional meal, as well as in a midnight mass, street festivities, fireworks and a bullfight. Crafts markets are filled with nativity scenes carved into stone and wood figurines shaped by Quechua Indians. Artisans also decorate gourds and ceramics with Yuletide scenes and images. Contact the tourist office for information on celebrations and events.
Address: Jirón Unión 1066 (Infotur Tourist Information) Lima 34
Opening hours: Infotur hours: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm Sat
Telephone: +51 01 431 0117
Neighbourhood: Lima

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